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Tummy Bugs, Time frames, Happy Sick Days and Flannels

Curly Headed Boy got hit by the dreaded tummy bug/virus on monday; I got the dreaded call ‘Mrs Pearson, could you collect your son from school please?”  One part of me loves bugs.  Once you are through the worst, you get to spend real chilled out time with your kids.  BUT OMG day 2 is a nightmare!  They are nearly better.  So when they feel OK, they are bouncing off the walls, and then they suddenly crash and feel awful.

I think that many people don’t understand the 48hrs before your child returns to school after puking or having an upset tummy.  It means TWO CLEAR DAYS at home, not that they can go back to school on the second day. Just needed to say  that; rant over!

Of course last night after an exhausting Day 2 with Curly Headed Boy,  Little Dimples started puking, so that puts us as a family out of bounds for anything for another couple of days.  This isn’t going to help poor old Curly Head who actually wanted to go back to school because he was bored and now wont be able to go on any play dates.  But at least he understands that Little Dimples doesnt get an easy ride, because even if I only do a little, I still work every day.  Plus yesterday I hit freecycle (a yahoo group called st_albans_reuse) and within a few hours a pile of people had stripped my house of all the stuff that needs to go for us to move the bedrooms around and start decorating.  He got a good reality check about how life goes when he is at school and that there are lots of boring ‘chores’ to do.

I learnt something this time round that I thought I would share.  Curly Headed Boy went a scary shade of yellow on monday night so we called NHS direct.  He’d puked up calpol, so I put a cold flannel on his head to bring his temperature down, which it appeared to do by a whole degree.  But Mrs Nurse on the end of the phone told me off big time and said that a cold flannel raises their temperature.  Have you heard that before?  Sounded very weird to me.

Ooh and apparently we can’t go swimming for 2 weeks, have you heard that before?

So he’s back at school today, proudly announcing to the world that he has made his whole family sick (I’m not feeling fabulous myself!.  Boys!

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