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Video Wed: Back To School and Back To Mine

So it’s back to school for Curly Headed Boy for two days, one of which is a Royal Wedding Party!  Then off for a long weekend and back again.  Then it’s 3 weeks to half term and 5 1/2 weeks until the summer holidays!  I’ve enjoyed the Easter holidays with the kids, we didn’t do anything major, but I’ll do a couple of blogs to update you.  They had to go back in shorts, poor little blighters had very cold legs, I might have to swap back to long socks tomorrow.  Of course Mummy wasn’t very organised despite the month off, so I haven’t got the short sleeved shirts yet, he needs a hair cut, and new shoes.  I didn’t manage to get labels in to his shorts, but hey writing his name on the clothes label will do; wont it?

So in the spirit of school I thought I’d put a video in that reminds me of school.  The one good thing about being old is the eighties; that was a fun time and the Eurythmics were definitely one of the best parts of it.

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