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Exhaustion Tips: Fresh air

You’ve heard it before, but you need sunlight and you need fresh air.  Sunlight gives you Vitamin D, and just being out in the fresh air reminds you to breathe properly and stop for a second.

You know when you have one of those headaches, which is kind of tight around the eyes, and feels like a clamp on your head.  It’s unlike others, because it’s specifically related to not having enough sleep?

I’ve had a reminder of it recently because Little Dimples is mega teething again, and at 15 months seems to be developing molars; OMG isn’t that a bit early?  There’s not much to be done about teething.  With my kids I find that Calpol, powders and gells help during the day, but don’t help with sleep at all.  So it’s a matter of dealing with the hourly waking schedule (one of the key reasons that I have so many great tips for dealing with exhaustion, as I hardly ever fall badly prey to it, despite the lack of sleep) and helping my body out.

There is no doubt that a shower helps (falling water produces negative ions, which help you to feel better), plus whatever the weather a good burst of fresh air.  Life feels better with it, and you don’t need to pay for it which is an added bonus.  Luckily for me I have to do the school run with Curly Headed Boy, so all I need to do is remember to breathe and notice that I’m outside in the fresh air as I wait for him to go in.  He also goes to school with a bizarre microclimate which is always about 2 degrees lower than anywhere else, so to say it’s often ‘bracing’ is an understatement!

So, to help your body feel it’s best, despite lack of sleep, aim for 15 mins fresh air per day if possible.  Plus, remember to breathe in all the way from your tummy (it should go out as you breathe in).  If the exhaustion is getting so bad it is affecting your health, then a good walk in the evening will also help, as otherwise you get caught in a vicious cycle of getting more and more tired.

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