This week I’m combining my Video Wed with the Tips on how to deal with Exhaustion!

Sometimes we are just exhausted because we are Mums.  Sometimes it’s because of the pressures of life.  But sometimes it’s because our little blighters / gorgeous children are rubbish sleepers!

Mine are rubbish sleepers, I haven’t ‘slept through the night’ in 5yrs.  There are reasons why I haven’t done rigorous sleep training with them, but the good news is that the attitude that I took with Curly Headed Boy has paid off, because he is 99.9% of the time fantastic about bedtime and going to sleep now a days; so lets hope that oneday Little Dimples is the same.

Anyway, there is a new book called ‘Go the F*** to Sleep’ by Adam Mansbach which is hysterical; but even better is the fact that Samuel L Jackson has read it on YouTube, only a parent could read it with such emphasis!  (DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO WITH YOUR CHILDREN: bad language warning!).


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