Welcome to my first Sparkle Tip, yay!  It’s also the official announcement of my new book which will be available from September called ‘Six Weeks To A Sparkling You’.  At the moment my lovely guinea pigs are just making sure that it really is as simple as possible for you.  I’ll be giving you loads more information as the next months go on though, but it was basically born out of my realisation that worse than having a problem is feeling like you don’t have enough time, energy, space or money to deal with a problem.

I can’t take credit for this weeks tip, it was actually inspired by my lovely hairdresser Toni in my hair dressers ‘The Cutting Room’ in Radlett (there you go Toni, a plug for you, just like I promised!).  Toni was the only brave hairdresser to ever try to give me a medium length hair cut.  As my hair has a tendency to look like a bush, this was no mean feat; in the past I have either gone for very long or very short in order to try and control it!

But more than that Toni taught me the power of the hair clip.  Before that I didn’t realise that we are meant to wear hair clips, and that our hair doesn’t have to stay in place all on it’s own.  Plus I hadn’t thought about the added bonus on a tired day of having a bit of sparkle in my hair.

The great thing is what a cheap option they can be (beware expensive ones that are just trying to tempt more money out of you!).  My favourites are the sparkly bow, and the little white flowers.  I’ve also got a couple of bigger flowers, which are great for adding a dash of colour on a day when I’m tired or need a pick me up.  Or maybe you are going to a party?  Then definitely add a pretty something to your hair.  We do it for our daughters don’t we?

Well, have fun with it and remember that you deserve a bit of sparkle in every day of your life!


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    1. Thanks Sarah. Must admit I’m not a big fan of hair extensions; they don’t really look nice in terms of feel, even on the celebs. But I can see how it’s fun to be able to grow your hair overnight!

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  2. I love this blog and I too used to either cut my hair really short in order to control my bushy hair. (But after many years my hair finally manageable) And yes, I too wear a flower in my hair to accessorize 🙂

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