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Amazing Competition: For a Radio Flyer!

I am soooo excited!  My first every competition is going to be for the most amazing prize, a Radio Flyer from The Wagon Company.

What is a Radio Flyer you might ask, and why would I want one?

Well initially I just thought that it looked like a nice red trailer that my kids might like to play with, but which was maybe a ‘nice to have’ rather than a ‘must have’.  However, since buying one, it’s definitely one of those ‘must haves’ that I know my kids will have happy memories of until they are old and grey.

We saw it mentioned a few times on a forum about going to family festivals.  Hubby got on the case immediately and started investigating types of tyres, and lots of technical stuff that I totally zoned out from (like you do!).  He decided we definitely needed the bigger, and better option, and I was a little cynical, but kind of went along with him.  However, how right was he!

If you ever go for long walks, or have kids who like to collect stuff when out walking, or have old dogs who need a rest, then you need one of these.  If you are going camping or to a festival, or have more than 1 child to transport without pushchairs, then you so need one of these!  Or if you don’t have any excuse, apart from the fact that it looks fun, then you totally need one!

It’s first job was to transport all our stuff from the car to our Yurt at the Just So Festival (read my post about it, if you have ever wondered about going to a family festival, I really recommend it).  Without it life would have been tough, even though there were the wheelbarrows provided.  Next year we are going to try and camp in one of the Glades at Just So, which is a much further walk, so we will definitely need it.

Then it was the carry all the ‘stuff’ we were carting around with us, when the kids wanted to run around.

Then it was a general carry both of the children when they are tired (Curly Headed Boy was 5.5yrs and Little Dimples was 1.5yrs at the time).  I was amazed at how sturdy it was, as we went up and down hills, over bumps and all sorts and it didn’t tip over at all.


Then it was the sleepy place for Little Dimples on the friday, Saturday and Sunday lunch time.  Fabulous, just look at her!  I was so worried about fitting stuff in the car, but with all the camping equipment I really didn’t want to bring the pushchair as well, so it was a bit of a risk, but she slept brilliantly in the wagon.

It’s the ‘Big brother looks after little sister’ option too, as he loves to wheel her around in it.  Bizarrely, Little Sister is incredibly strong, so it is also the ‘Little Sister gets to push Big Brother around’ game.

So, it’s ended up being one of the best buys we ever made; and you can now WIN one!

Next year we are totally planning on going back to the Just So Festival, plus a pile more.  If you think you might like to try some out too, then check out these sites for more info.  I think that it’s a really fun way to spend the summer, maybe even better than a traditional holiday:

Conditions of the competition

  • Because I think this is such a fabulous prize, this competition is going to be open for 2 weeks until midnight on Oct 4th.
  • To enter, just put a comment below with your email address (which will be hidden), so that I can contact you
  • I will use a random generator to work out which person has won
  • You don’t have to like my facebook page, but you might want to, just to make sure you don’t miss out on any other competitions or blog posts
  • You don’t have to like the Wagon company’s facebook page, but its a good idea, just incase you don’t win this time and you get a chance to win another competition
  • Sorry, you do need to be in the UK
  • I will contact the winner, and post a blog post with your name, and need your address to send the wagon to


131 thoughts on “Amazing Competition: For a Radio Flyer!

  1. We would love one of these! Our little man would get so much out of it & we could cart him & his stuff around!

  2. Because I want to go to town without a buggy and still carry the scooters, children, shopping, coats, drinks and kids…. But without a buggy I don’t have enough hands

  3. We’d love one of these for our 2 smurfs! not that I don’t LOVE carrying them…but I’m getting old ;o)

  4. fab comp, I have likeed your facebook page and love your blog. We’d love one of these for when we are out walking with the dog and my little man get’s tired. No longer have the pushchair so one of these would be ideal. Also great for when we go apple or blackberry picking! Have a great weekend.

  5. Please enter me into your fab competition, we would love to win one for our little Izzypop :o)

  6. We would love love love one of these. I have four little ones and baby is usually in a sling, which means no buggy to hang stuff off. A wagon would be FAB!

  7. Having taken my toddler to Camp Bestival this year i can see how useful these are. Especially as she will have outgrown her pushchair by next year!

  8. I think I have wanted one of these since I was a kid! Now I have a kid of my own, who`s leggies do get tired, and our old dog Razzle also gets a bit pooped, this would be terrific. Keeping everything crossed !

  9. We love these! We saw lots of wagons at Harvest @ Jimmy’s and it certainly would have made life easier for us with 3 children and lots of baggage!!

  10. Being a regular Festival family this wagon would be a welcome addition to help enhance the experience with 2 little children 🙂

  11. Ooooooo, enter me please!! I remember having such fun with something similar back in the ’80’s 🙂

  12. Ooooh I’ve wanted one of those for my two for years! We have a little boy who loves collecting sticks etc. and it would be oh so useful to bring his haul back from the woods.

  13. We would love one and watched all the kids snuggled up in them at the Just So festival with envy!! How do we enter, or does this enter us!?

  14. What a fab competition!!! My 3yo would love one of these to pull her “teasures” and foraging finds in

  15. This would be perfect for the Just So next year – will save us having to trudge back and forth to the car with all our gear! Must admit that the little ones we saw all tucked up and cosy of an evening around the just so looked very cute and comfy 🙂

  16. This would have been perfect to use at the just so festival this year! The wheel fell off our wheelbarrow as we were setting up camp!! This would be great for next year!! X

  17. Hi I would love one of thDY1 4SQese for my 2 small children. We’re planning on cAmping at the just so festival this year and it would be great

  18. What a great review – saw a few of these this year at just so and really wanted to know from someone who had one. Please enter me in the competition would be fab for next years just so. Thanks. C x x

  19. Great competition prize wanted one of these since I saw a family using one at just so festival can’t wait take my little girl next year hopefully in one if these!!! 🙂

  20. We would looooove one of these!!! We regularly go to festivals with our wee girl & i am always jealous of all the people with wagons for their tents & kids. You see some amazing ones that people have customised with lights & flags. Fabulous… ^_^

  21. Oh my goodness – my two little girls would be so excited if they had one of these. They’d want to take it everywhere!!!!

  22. After going to the brilliant Just So Festival we have now booked our tickets for camping next year and winnngbobe of these would be completely brilliant!
    Definitely a must for all the camping gear and sleeping babes!

  23. Having seen your gorgeous girl zonked out in it at Just so this year in the flesh i’d love one for next year when we’ll have hooligan boy and girl and bump (who at that point will be 3.5, nearly 2 and approx 5 months) hopefully this’ll be a suitable sleeping place for them all!!

  24. I would love one of these for my two little ones we saw them everywhere at the Just So Festival x x

  25. I love Radio Flyers! As a child mine was my race car/space ship/ airplane/ TARDIS/ anything I could dream of, hours of fun, good time go to toy. Every kid should have one, and I’ve got a feisty little one who would have a grand old time with one!

  26. I’ve seen these recently and thought they looked brilliant! I have an overactive 3 year old who won’t sit still for anyone. I reckon he’d sit in this!!

  27. Wow! We were soooo jealous this year of all the little wagons at the Just So Festival, as we were balancing everything on our pushchair to trek across the site. What a fantastic prize!

  28. Love reading your blog – thank you – and really looking forward to trying out the Just So Festival next year – it sounds amazing.

  29. Love your blog and hope that lady luck is smiling down on our family. If not I have no doubt that it will go to a great home judging by all the comments here xx

  30. love this wagon saw several at just so festival and has serious envy. cant wait for next years festival.

  31. we have a little boy Alfie who is 3 who would be soooo chuffed to get his own set of wheels.;) xxx

  32. We’ll be going to just so next year for our first family holiday. The trolley looks very handy.

  33. Also looked on enviously at thear at this year’s JuSt So both for the carrying to the glades but also at the beautiful sleeping littleys who looked so snuggly and warm… I wonder whether
    they do an adult sized version…?!

  34. My two girls would love one of these, it would help on the school run and save me having to carry the bags back from school and them after a long week at school and pre school.

  35. Oh gosh these are fabulous, my daughter coverts her friend’s Radio Flyer but they are out of our league. Her birthday is 5th October, I’m hoping the closing date is providential 🙂

  36. We would love to win this. After taking our two year old son to the Just so Festival this year we know how useful one would be. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  37. it would be awesome to have one of these to take the boys (5,3,2) and all their stuff around, no more buggy 🙂

  38. my twins would love one, it would be great for when their little legs get tired when we go out for walks in the woods, they refuse to get into the buggy but a wagon would be a cool palce to rest, they could fill it with treasure and it would be fantastic for the just so festival next year

  39. I have been eyeing these up for a while but haven’t quite been able to find a way of justifying the purchase to my husband!
    I am picturing wrapped Christmas presents piled in one, among other uses. Would just love to win one of these & I’m sure my 2 children would too.

  40. Wow! What a great competition. We’d love one of these to help us tackle another festival next summer.

  41. Only today my cheeky monkey emptied some poor boys contents out of there own radio flyer in the park and tried to walk off with it.
    VERY APOLOGETIC & EMBARRASSED I WAS. Please can I avoid this again by winning even though clearly Im raising a thief! x

  42. My two rumbunctious boys would love to be carted around in this at next years Just So Festival, please!

  43. Would love one of these – have seen them on the Festival Kidz stall at various festivals and they look fab x

  44. I have been after one of these for ages! Bit out of my budjet though. It would be perfect for the festivals in the summer and school runs in the snow 😉

  45. how cool are these, this be fab for my daughter at her first festival next year! would save my lil fairies poor legs! please enter me in

    thank you

    katie and ellie xxx

  46. would love to win this, much cleaner than my rusty old wheelbarrow which is looking like the only option after all that time carrying little ones on shoulders this year! they are way to heavy for that now!

  47. Huge Festivalkidz fan, FB fans of all mentioned and active family festy mum of two lovely lively boys…If we were lucky enough to win this fab iconic Wagon, I think my big boy would adore pulling his little brother in it!lol!!Ah happy families are what festivals are all about…!!Thanks for the opportunity, fingers crossed and good luck everyone 🙂

  48. I saw so many of these at the Just So Festival this year – they’re perfect for kids who are too big for buggies (like my giant 3 year old!) but too small not to expect you to carry them when their legs are tired…

  49. This is totally cool. I was clueless about these but they look like a real essential, especially if little legs gets a brother or we get to come and play at the festival next year with you guys 🙂

  50. Oh me, me please – my little girl would absolutely and most definately would enjoy playing round and round the garden with this xxx


  52. What an ace gadget! (& great blog too, by the way. Just stumbled across you on twitter!) would love to win oe, count me in!

  53. I LOVE these wagons. I’d love to win one to save me having to cart all the stuff my youngest collects on walks in my aged and weak arms!

  54. Great Competition, saw a lot of these at camp bestival they looked great fun my kids were desperate for us to get one so we’ve been keeping our eyes peeled, let’s hope we win this one as we’ve git our tickets ready for camp bestial 2012 already we just nned the wagon:)

  55. This looks like a great way of getting big brother to transport little sister hence avoiding strained daddy from doing lots of lifting and carrying!

  56. Me, my husband and my two young children are attending Camp Bestival next year. It will be our first ‘family’ festival and we are soooooo excited about it. I hadn’t even thought about how we would transport all our belongings and the kids around, but this Radio Flyer looks fab and looks up to the job x

  57. Stunning prize i would love to trubdle my littelst along in this. Gorgeous !

  58. What a fantastic prize. I have always adored these when I have seen families use them in America.

  59. I’ve been lusting after one for a long time. Joseph still isn’t so great at walking, and still naps a lot and there would be times when this would be ever so useful!

  60. This looks funky. I wonder if I could use one of these attached to the bike for school runs?

    I must admit I didn’t know what a Radio Flyer was until today! #DO’H

    Paul (good luck to everyone)

  61. These look fab, would be ideal for my kiddies and the growing number of Nieces and nephews 🙂

  62. What a fab prize – would love one for my little boy when we go for a walk in the woods! They look so much fun !

  63. My son would love one of those to cart around all his cars, motorbikes, monster trucks etc!

  64. Looks great sure my son would love it and the dog. I am sure would be a good extra in the Camping kit.

  65. Wow! What a great toy for the grandkids and I could find some uses for it too! Like ur FB pages too.

  66. I just love these wagons! I’ve never seen anything like them, just fantastic. I really hope I win one xxx

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