Do you know someone who needs a Big Break or needs some money?  Well if so, you can nominate them for a Big Break by clicking here.

Each month a lucky someone will get £1000.

Plus each time someone is nominated Marie Curie Cancer Care  will get a donation.

Bailey Sarwa

It’s kind of a win-win situation heh, hence I accepted the opportunity to blog about it and nominate someone myself.  Then I spent days trying to work out who on earth to nominate as there were so many people.

In the end I chose Becki Anne Jones who is the mum of Bailey Sarwa, a young boy fighting his second bout of neuroblastoma.  This photo is one of the reason’s why; it say’s more than I could put into words.

I’ve chosen her because she is working so hard to look after Bailey, and showing massive determination to raise a huge amount of money for potentially life saving treatment that he can’t get in the UK.  Plus she still has her younger son to look after, who misses her when she is at hospital with Bailey.

This family is obviously so loved that there is a massive campaign around St Albans at the moment to try and raise the money for Bailey.  There are people dancing, collecting, selling, running, jumping out of planes for Bailey, and coming up with more and more ideas for him, even though the majority of us have never met him or his mum.

We might not know him, but what we do know is that Bailey is a fighter, who in the years he was in remission raised money for neuroblastoma himself.

Bailey’s mantra is ‘I know no fear’ and the campaign’s mantra is ‘Believe’.  If it’s possible that positive thoughts and prayers can heal anyone, then I’m sure that he will overcome this fight.  All we need is the money to get him the treatment he needs.

But they have a long way to go.  So I’m really hoping that Becki will win this nomination, so that she gets the £1000, as I don’t have a thousand pounds to give to her myself.

You can nominate her too – the more nominations she gets, the more likely she is to win!

If you would like to donate or run an event for Bailey please go to this official site for Bailey; remember every little counts.


Let’s get them back to looking healthy and happy as in this other photo.



Direct Debit are the company sponsoring this big break campaign, so here is a little plug for them plus an opportunity for you to win £10,000 if you decide to organise your monthly bills …

Giving a special someone a break by nominating them to win £1,000 is part of The Big Break campaign from Direct Debit . And, as well as putting someone forward for that £1,000 prize, if you sign up to pay your bills by Direct Debit with a participating biller, you will be in with a chance of winning your very own Big Break to the tune of £10,000.  At the same time, you’ll trigger a donation to charity – either to the biller’s own nominated charity or to Marie Curie Cancer Care.  You can find out more about the campaign here 

Disclosure: I wasn’t paid anything to write this post.



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    1. I hope so too – I think lots of people are nominating her from the fundraising page, so hopefully she’ll get it!

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