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I can’t sleep after sex or during the full moon – HELP!

Full moon is magic

Can't sleep during full moonSo lovely blog readers I have a problem for you to solve!

I’ve googled it, but can’t for the life of me find a solution, so I’m turning to you incredible peeps to find one for me.  Because I have a BIG problem!

You know how I wrote my top tips on getting to sleep or back to sleep for busy Mums and Dads?

They work for me all the time apart from one.  And that one time makes me a bit freaky in comparison to the rest of the world.

It’s after that ‘sexy time’.  I’m not snoozy, cozy, sleepy, dozy, snuggly or any of those lovely things.

No I’m WIDE AWAKE and full of energy and adrenalin.

Whats up with that world?

Everyone else is falling fast to sleep in a happy daze.  But oh no, not my body, no it’s totally contrary.

So I just go with it and read, blog or do admin.  But if you had a solution I’d love you forever, because I don’t get loads of sleep anyway on a ‘normal’ day.

Remember when I talked about scheduling sex?  Well this means that I literally go through my diary in my head and work out if I can afford to have a couple of hours less sleep with what I’m doing the next day.  Sex is difficult enough to fit into life with two young kids, without also worrying about it making me even more tired (hence I’m so good at writing tips on how to get more energy – arggh!)

Oh and another freaky thing.  There is NO WAY IN HELL I can have sex around a full moon; because I can’t sleep during a full moon anyway, but add sex into the equation and there will be NO sleep ALL NIGHT.

Sorry for the shouting, but OMG!  I don’t just have to be the PA to my kids and the hairy northerner, I also have to keep track of the blinking moon!

Does this officially make me a witch?  Many people have suspected as much in the past; perhaps I should go and run around the full moon naked instead?

So looking forward to your ideas.  I’ll try anything!



So I haven’t totally cracked the problem or found out why it happens, but I’ve certainly met loads of people on twitter who have the same problem.

I have had an improvement by watching the full moon more closely and making sure that I’m even more careful about what I eat and drink in the run up to it (no caffiene after 4pm, reduce sugar and chocolate).

Plus I’ve kind of embraced both problems, so I’ll have a plan for work to do just in case I can’t sleep and aim to get a little bit of sleep at least when I’ve exhausted all the extra mental energy.

Oh and definitely avoiding sex for a couple of days around the full moon (sorry husband!) as the combination is a no-no.



13 thoughts on “I can’t sleep after sex or during the full moon – HELP!

    1. LoL – aha well I’m obviously in good company then Muddling along! Maybe it only happens to the best people ;o)

    1. @sarah – yep that was my solution pre kids and I’m looking forward to the era of teens who don’t get up until midday – but whilst I wait it’s a bit tricky? I’m just not good at feeling ‘shmexy’ at 4am ;o)

  1. I can sympahise! My problem is I go one way or the other, no sleep or the best sleep and have no way of predicting which reaction I will get so planning won’t even help.

    1. Hmmm Carly, there must be something creating it – maybe do a food/exercise/stress/timeofthemonth/moon diary and see what comes up – bet there is a reason! Check out my sleep tips here on my blog – they might help on the worst days.

  2. “oh you poor thing” Said while slightly giggling, but only slightly you understand?
    Welcome to the world of being governed by the moon, it isn’t all that of an odd occurrence in my usual circles although dancing around naked under the moon will increase your energies so best leave that for another evening.
    When it comes to sleep i soon learnt my natural body clock, which seems to be linked with the day light.
    Warm baths help which can be infused with certain herbs or oils which will help even more. Calming teas are also of a benefit, as is watching your duet and exercising … work out the day you plan to have sex? How the heck did you get into trying to organize your sex life? Seems as though i have only just met you I will endeavour to read previous posts of course.
    Back to the subject to hand. You could go for the quick fix herbal sleeping pills but with kids that isn’t such a good idea, not unless you are willing to accept the possibility of feeding them all sorts of things .. i once did such a thing, turns out the kids don’t like gravy mixed into their porridge instead of chocolate powder.
    The longer way of doing it is to learn mindfulness techniques and meditation as well as having regular exercise and relaxation on a daily basis. Yeah it is quite a long slog but worth it.
    One last thing, try not to actually stress about it, the anxiety and pre-emptive knowledge of your behaviour will automatically make things worse. Accept things for how they are, it is all part of the fun of being a mum and having/getting a life at the same time.
    Ps. Us witches are an awesome bunch by the way

    1. @greenfroggyfae meany for giggling!
      It’s good to know that dancing naked wouldn’t help!
      I’m good on the diet and exercise and do make a concerted effort on the full moon – especially to have been outside and ‘grounded’ a bit.
      Warm baths are a little tricky as I co-sleep and the little one does tend to roll over and look for me – but not undoable – I’ll tweet you for ideas on herbs/oils as I know that lavender doesn’t work for me.
      I use Bach sleep remedy – which is great – just doesn’t work in the full moon :o(
      p.p.s I remember being told that my grandma & mum were ‘witches’ -> suspect it runs in the family a bit ;o)

  3. Um… sorry to be blunt, but are you reaching climax? I know Im not very calm if I have sex and dont…

    So if you’re not, then this is a whole different problem solving issue!

    1. LoL good point ‘Anon’ and you’re right I didn’t make that clear. Yep I am reaching climax – hence it seems a bit weird. It happens if I try it alone too ;o)

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