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Why Would You Want To Bother To Budget?!!!

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Love radioGuess what, I’m now a ‘Lifestyle Correspondent’ for Radio Verulam’s Drivetime show with Danny Smith.

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I’m doing a monthly tips on the third monday of every month covering everything from money to health to relationships and back again.

It’s quite possible that you didn’t have it as a priority in your diary last month (why not I don’t know!!), so now’s your chance to change that mistake and make sure you are there next week on Mon 17th Sept at 5.30!

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Just incase you missed it, I’m going to give you the low down and links so that you can listen to my dulcet tones!


Why you really want to Budget, you just didn’t know you wanted to!


Budgeting, fudgeting I hear you say.  Money is boring and stressful!  Better to ignore it, stick your head in the sand, panic deal with it and complain, because there is nothing that can be done to improve the situation.

I disagree.

Yes, we are in difficult times, everyone has cut down (I bet even Elton John buys less flowers), and I see Mums talking about struggling to buy food and pay for the rent daily on twitter at the moment.

But, money isn’t bad.  It’s letting it control us, and letting those marketing bods control the way we view our lives and letting it affect our relationships that causes the problem (and some serious problems with the benefits support system for those who need it; but I’m saving that for another blog post).

There is loads that can be improved with a flexible budget, and probably more importantly with a change in psychology.

At least you know that you aren’t the only one as everyone needs to budget nowadays and the recession isn’t going anywhere, so we all need to make sure we get the best from our money.

It’s also not all doom and gloom.  I’ve been amazed and awe inspired watching Mums gain satisfaction from crafting or cooking things or learning skills or trying out different types of holidays in order to save money.


Step 1: Complaining diet

I’m putting you on a diet; a no complaining about money diet.

Don’t discuss lack of money or complain about it.  Only talk about it when you are actually doing something about it.

It’s not about sticking your head in the sand.  It’s more about focusing on what you do actually have and only talking about it when you are in ‘action’ mode.




Step 2: Get motivated to budget

For a start, do you like being a ‘marketing mug’; either buying things you find out afterwards you didn’t want, or being made to feel rubbish because you don’t have something?  By having a clear budget and plan you can know that everything around you is what you wanted and feel proud of what you have.

Plus it leads to less arguments.  A clear controlled, obvious, honest split of the money within the relationship really helps.  No myths about who spends more, no power play with someone controlling the money, no arguments about unfairness, no passive aggressive over spending, no whining; it’s much easier.

With less arguments, comes a stronger relationship, less chance of divorce and dare I say it more sex!

You can use it to explain to the kids what is and is not possible so that they stop nagging you.

It can save you from future worry and panic because you are less likely to get caught out by a sudden bill.

Even better is the fact that you can have fun planning ahead for lovely future things and getting more enjoyment from what you are going to spend.



Step 3: Appreciate what you have got


When you are complaining and worrying you will miss out on other opportunities.  It’s like you get stress blinkers on.  Plus you aren’t really that much fun to give stuff to; sorry but it’s true, just think about those kids who complain when they get a present.

If you are more grateful for what you have, then you are more likely to get more things.

You are also less likely to find that something expensive you bought was just not worth it (I bet if you look around your house there are a lot of things that you regret buying).

Have a fun, sit down with a cuppa and make a list of what you’d love to have.  Then when you are considering buying something, compare it to your list and make sure that you aren’t making a mistake.



You Don’t Have To Get It Right

It’s not about getting it right full stop.  Things change.  Life changes.

But a budget will help you adapt.

On the next show I’m going to talk about HOW to budget; it’s really not as difficult as you might think and the pay offs are IMMEDIATE!



I’d love to know what you think about budgeting?

Do you love to have a budget?

Have I convinced you to have a go?

Why do you worry about making a budget?


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