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Why a ‘cutie mark’ is so important for my daughter

My Little Pony Review

My Little Pony ReviewAbout 6 months ago I decided to cut back on TV watching and banned Cbeebies etc from being on as much.  It took me several weeks to discover that Little Dimples (then just turned 3) had worked out to use YouTube – argh!

Not just that, but she had worked out how to stick the headphones on for the computer so that I wouldn’t hear the tell tale signs!  Little Minx!

It was during this that she discovered My Little Pony and fell head over heels in love (how she found it I have NO IDEA!).  Obviously there is a lot to love – ponies, sparkles, pink, magic etc etc.  But actually as I started to catch more of the story I started to understand the fascination.

At first we could find everything on Youtube and then they disappeared, which caused us lots of tears in the house.  Then I was contacted by a lovely PR and I understood why they had disappeared – because they are now available on DVD!

The first story is lovely about how Rainbow Dash discovers that whilst learning is important, so is friendship – and that it creates magic in life.  I love this story as I was a much too serious and studious little girl, and I wouldn’t want my children to be quite that good (I know I might regret that one day!).

The second DVD ‘Call of the Cutie’ has a story on it explaining about how every pony has a ‘cutie mark’ on them that gives them their identity.  Now my gorgeous little girl was born with what they call a ‘stork mark’ on her head.  It’s basically a birth mark where the claws of the stork would be if they really did fly a baby to it’s mother.  Most has faded, but the flash on her forehead still shows when she is having a tantrum (she isn’t slow in coming forward about how she feels about things).  She also has a ‘zip’ all the way down her back.

I have a large strawberry birthmark just below the bra line, and I know that it has caused me many odd looks.  Little Dimple’s is more noticeable and I was wondering how to explain it to her one day when it gets pointed out.  But MLP answered that for me and I could photograph her ‘cutie mark’ for her and show her that she too has one, so she is ‘special’ like the ponies.

I’m also a BIG fan of learning about yourself, and learning to be you.  Just you.  No one else.  Which is a strong message in Ponyville.

They now have Equestria girls as well – Little Dimples is in 7th heaven with the dolls that go with them.

Christmas is coming up and you are bound to get requests for presents.  A DVD is always a useful thing to have, but it can be tricky to pick something that doesn’t have a downside – like Barbie’s neck.  I love the MLP series, so reckon they are a good bet for you (even Curly Headed Boy watches them, but don’t tell anyone).

But don’t forget what I mentioned in my previous post about Christmas – there is no point to rushing around like a headless chicken and not enjoying yourself!


Disclosure: I was sent a couple of CD’s by the PR for My Little Pony.  I’m not reviewing things at the moment, but as my daughter loves MLP, it wasn’t difficult to agree to review it for them!  They are available in all good retailers and priced £12.99. Certification U: Suitable for all audiences.

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