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Why Business is Spiritual and 10 Tips to finding clients on facebook!

So I know some wonderful women running their own businesses, but for some reason they are deeply intimidated by the words: Business.  Marketing.  Sales.  Finance.  Money.

I’m in here to tell you that business is a deeply spiritual business!

Money isn’t bad, it’s just a way of performing a transaction.  It magnifies who you are, yes.  But it’s not bad.  If you are worried about money, it’s unlikely to turn you into a monster!

Business isn’t bad either.  Please don’t judge those people who have become cynical, money grabbing and cut throat – until you are there, it’s difficult to understand how difficult it can be out there.  My last 5 years has been deeply shocking, and it’s taken a lot to keep my heart clear and not just give in to their kind of behaviour.

Marketing is just letting people know you are available.

Sales is just getting to know people and helping them to make the right choice.

Customer service is about you learning to manage your boundaries.

It’s all about personal development!

Have a look at my video below where I talk about my experiences and why business is really spiritual:


One of the things I’ve noticed is that many small businesses or self-employed people don’t make sure that their clients can find them.  So here are a list of things you can do, which are really simple:

  1. If you know nothing about facebook, please read this post
  2. Make sure you link your website and facebook page to your about page of your PERSONAL profile
  3. Make sure that the website and facebook page on your personal profile are set to be seen by everyone/public in your privacy settings
  4. Share your business page sporadically (not irritatingly) on your personal profile, so that your friends see what you are doing and can support you.
  5. Make sure your business page has all the most relevant information set up:
    1. About information and story (more than 1 line!)
    2. Include your website if you have one
    3. Services
    4. Shop (if you have products to sell)
    5. Go into your page settings and turn off anything you don’t need e.g. for me community and shop
  6. Link your groups to your facebook page so people can find them easily
  7. Use your name/business name in your facebook groups and name them so it’s obvious what is going on in them
  8. Use offers – they show up in a special place people scroll through
  9. Use events – they also show up in notifications
  10. Add a newsletter subscription if you have one

Once you’ve got the basics set up and you have started to be comfortable, then I recommend finding someone to help.  When I wasn’t at the stage where I wanted to pay someone to do my social media/marketing for me,I would join a membership group, which is a great way of getting really affordable support.


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