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2 Meme’s Together: Fave Photo and This is my Dream

I got sent the meme ‘What is your Dream’ in Sept of last year, but with No2 enroute, I never got around to actually writing it up, and have just been sent another for ‘Your Favourite Photo’ (both from a lovely fellow mummy blogger ‘Being a Mummy’).  So I thought I would combine the two together (with there just being days left before she arrives, efficiency sounds like a good plan!).

(For anyone new to the blogging world a meme is like a theme, which a number of bloggers will write about; it’s just a fun blogging thing!).

As it happens the two are actually really related, because I did think a lot about the Dream meme when I got it, and have therefore picked a photo that shows it.  I was standing on a railway platform holding the soft little hand of my son (then 3yrs old), who was all excited about trains, going to London, getting taxi’s and seeing Daddy’s office.  Then suddenly it hit me, this was like a dream.  To be holding the hand of a child I had been told I would never have, and to be getting an insight into a different, present, adventurous view of the world around me was truly an amazing experience.

In fact holding his hand at times like these are always amazing.  It’s like being surrounded by a huge pink marshmallow, smelling slightly sweet and muffling the sound of the world around you, for just a moment.  For that time, you are totally there, with that soft hand conveying total love, trust and joy.

(There are of course other times when you hold their hands which are not the same, when they’ve been naughty, or you are taking them somewhere that they don’t want to go!).

There is also a bitter sweetness to it, because next week that hand will be a little bit older.  From the moment, when they can first reach up to hold your hand, you are on the clock, because you know it is a short lived pleasure.  Holding the hand of a lover, partner or husband, has the potential to go on forever.  But the hand of your child, will grow up, lose the joy of being in the moment, mature, and probably refuse to hold your hand.  It is a reminder of the preciousness of small moments in our lives and how their value can out shadow 99% of the rest.

So I have captured the moment on that platform and taken a photo of it in my head, and the photo I’m sharing is of a year or two earlier when Max was just big enough to hold my hand and we were just leaving the zoo, along with a tiger balloon, which he was very seriously attempting to keep a hold onto along with my hand ;o)

I’m passing this meme, which I now rename to ‘Photo of your Dream’ to a couple of new bloggers not in the mummy world, to give them the chance to find out more about the world of blogging and to show an insight into the real people behind their blogs ‘Janis Rants’ and ‘Full Quantum Blogspot‘.

2 thoughts on “2 Meme’s Together: Fave Photo and This is my Dream

  1. Hi – I’ve actually just tagged you at Who’s the Mummy with another meme – I’d love your thoughts and if you do respond, please link back as I’d love to collect all the responses together!

    Also – Flea has to hold my hand for EVER. I’m planning on getting her to sign a contract once she can write her name with all the letters the same size.

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