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First’s and Last’s

This week is a perfect example of the dichotomy of a Mum’s life, the confusion between pleasure and pain, all at the same time (you know, like the ‘muller yogurt’ adverts, where there is no pleasure without pain).

So my ‘little boy’ spent his last day at nursery. I sobbed as I arrived to drop him off, let alone when I picked him up; ridiculous! I sobbed because that time is over. He’ll never be a baby again. Which of course is daft because I wouldn’t want my baby to stay a baby.  He senses the change too, and is both exhausted, scared and excited (you can see from the picture, that exhaustion is currently winning!).

Meanwhile my baby girl can now sit up with no help. She is so proud if herself , she makes my heart brim full of pride.

We love to see our children’s progress and achievements, but at the same time we instantly know that every time they pass another stage, there is no going back, and our hearts ache.

2 thoughts on “First’s and Last’s

  1. I understand fully what you are talking about. At the moment everyday reminds me that we are moving on, that they are growing and that I have no babies but 2 big boys growing too fast…
    They look so cute and your little girls is definitely proud of herself, how sweet 🙂

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