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Brainstorming with a mate

We all get stressed, especially at this time of year.  Life’s great don’t get me wrong, but I’ve also found the last few weeks stressful, with hairy northern hubby away in america every other week, a tired and tantrumy Curly Headed Boy (coming up for end of first term at primary school), and a teething/cold ridden Little Dimples, and trying to get everything done for my launch in January before the holidays.

Clearly me being stressed was not making the situation with Curly Headed Boy any better, so I’ve been taking a little of my own medicine, i.e. talking to myself to sort things out.  But sometimes I’m the kind of person who needs a sounding board.  I’m not sure if this is a very female trait, or just something some of us like to do, it certainly isn’t something that the hairy northern one is keen on.  But brainstorming has always been one of my favourite methods of getting my head clear.  It’s as though when I’m talking to someone I’m decluttering and re-organising my brain, working out which bits/assumptions to throw out, and popping in a few new items/ideas to make the space a prettier place.

Yesterday morning was one of those days.  I called an old friend on the way out of the car park at school; OMG I’m so going to have to tell you about this blinking car park and some of the mums, but that’s another story!  She happens to be trained in something similar to me, which is very balanced, pragmatic and practical, so we bounce off of each other very easily.  By the time I’d got to my door, I’d had enough of a reorg to be able to take it from there.  I’ll let you know over the next week or so how my ideas worked.

Do you remember to have a chat with a mate sometimes and drop the ‘coping’ facade enough to take a good clear look at yourself and your life?  I know so many mums that have ‘I’m fine’ through gritted teeth as their automatic answer to everything, but their eyes and mouths say a completely different message.

So if you are in a bit of a tizwaz with christmas etc coming up, see if you can have a chat with a mate (preferably over a glass of wine, or cuppa and cake).  What you want is not someone who will fill you up with sympathy, or tell you what to do, But someone who will listen and then gently give you a few ideas to think about.

I know you are busy, but when you are stressed everything will take about 3 times as long, if not more.  I’ve been struggling with some irritating technical problems for a few days, but the minute I got home yesterday it got sorted in a flash.  That’s because I was more present and my brain was working better.  So making a little time for yourself, will heap a big reward.

Right, back to that techie stuff! ……..

2 thoughts on “Brainstorming with a mate

  1. Nothing better than taking stock and organising yourself!

    We’re just about getting there since launch….there are good and bad days but c’est la vie!

    Keep it up, it’ll all come good!

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