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The Mummy Whisperer Blog is now available on Amazon Kindle!!!!

Oooooh, I’m a ‘proper’ writer, I’m a ‘proper’ writer!!!  Can you tell I’m a little excited?

Many years ago I did Maths, Physics and English ‘A’ levels, because as a girl if they saw any sign you could possibly do science, they heavily ‘encouraged’ you to do it in my school (there were still only a few of us though).  I loved English, but I would revise the other two more, because I felt guilty about doing the thing that I love.  How daft is that!  Now, I don’t regret the Maths and Physics, as that is what got me a 13yr career in IT as a computer programmer.  But even then I’ve been constantly writing.  I got an award from IBM for my thesis during my degree, and feel in love with the feeling of being on a roll when you are writing something.  All through my career I was always the one put in charge of writing training courses, or articles.  Then when I went all ‘tree huggy’, I would always write a workshop or something as soon as I’d learnt a new technique, so that I could share it.  Then along came the children, the arrival of ‘Mummy blogging’ and I discover that I love to write.  I might not be the best writer, as I didn’t go on to do a journalism or english degree, but I still LOVE it, and I’m pretty good I think at making things simple to understand.  This year, I decided that although I had recently understood the importance of having proper product launches and improving my sales/marketing techniques, I was going to put as a priority writing my blog for myself and my enjoyment, and now it’s paid off.

I read an article by Nickie from the Typecast blog on british mummy bloggers about the fact that you can now list your blog on Amazon Kindle.  Here is the article if you fancy having a go <click here>.  As I’m a bit bored/overwhelmed by my humungous list of blogs on the RSS google reader, this sounded like a fab idea, so I thought I’d have a go.  The article warned to be really careful you were happy with the result before pressing [submit], and that it might take a few days to be accepted.  Plus, it is Amazon that decides how much your monthly fee is going to be.  So last night at 8pm I pressed submit, and you’ll never guess what?  ‘What, what?’ I hear you ask!  They had accepted my blog by 10pm and put it up for the grand price of £1.99 (You’d probably guess that by the photo heh?  The big hairy northern hubby took this at the airport this morning where he found a Kindle).

So here it is.  Do you have a Kindle?  You get a 14 day free trial, so I’d love it if you would try it out.

There is one slight downside, in that it is only available for the Kindle at the moment.  However, it will be available for the iphone and ipad soon I’m sure, it’s probably just a matter of them encouraging Kindle sales and improving the formatting.  To be honest, it’s not really about whether I might make any money from it.  It’s just that I suddenly feel like a ‘proper’ writer, and like someone has said ‘yes, you are going in the right direction, keep at it with the blogging’.

I hope you don’t mind if I ask you a little favour?

I am passionate about making a difference for Mums, and I really think that I can, whether it is via my blog, or my programs.  But I can’t do it, unless Mums know about me and have heard about me in a way that means that they trust me.  So if you get a chance to check out my Kindle blog (even if you don’t have a kindle), and you like my stuff, could you leave a review, pretty please?  Or let your friends know about this blog?  Or let them know about my facebook fan page?  Or my twitter account, if they want to see my general ramblings?  Or encourage them to sign up for my newsletter.  I’ve got a big announcement coming on Feb 3rd, and it might just be the perfect thing for your friends, or for you (and it’s going to be FREE).

Oooh and ‘Thank you’ to all the lovely friends and Mums who have already been supporting this blog, I really appreciate it.  Right, I’m off to take Little Dimples to play with some baby friends for a couple of hours.  I’ll probably be floating on an excited cloud the whole way!

6 thoughts on “The Mummy Whisperer Blog is now available on Amazon Kindle!!!!

  1. Dear Lisa

    This is brilliant news! Well done you! The Mummy Whisperer is great so the more coverage the better, I will let everyone I know who has a Kindle know!! Hope you gets lots more readers/subscribers.

    Lisa N – good luck on the radio too! You’ll be great.

    Ren x

  2. Wow..sounds fab, and what a great idea of kindle too! (might give my blog a go, u never know right?) bought one for Big J for crimbo, so i will ask him to look you up…congrats again mrs!!! XX xx

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