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A whirlwind of a week, would you like a second chance?

Wow, this week was a crazy week!  Children’s nappies leaked twice and whole beds and duvets needed washing, babies puked, I bumped my car (ouch!), and I daftly scheduled Little Dimples vaccinations.  In the meantime technology was not loving me, things kept going wrong and my computer was on a go slow.  I was only just ready for my Free Webinar on ‘Ensuring your children reach their potential’ a couple of hours beforehand.  But phew, I made it, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, so you can be expecting lots more Free Webinars in the future!  (I hope I hear a massive ‘yay’!).

Now, I’ve already been approached by a few Mums who missed the chance to attend the webinar; don’t worry guys, I was kind of expecting that, because we do have very busy lives as Mums.  So I have created you a special new page from which you can register to hear it.  Please do it this way, don’t try to sneak the URL for the recording from a mate, because then you will miss out on the FREE online course which helps you after the call!  Ignore the descriptions you may see on registering in gotowebinar, that’s now irrelevant as the webinar is over!

What would you like next?  Pop a comment below for your most ideal free webinar or what you find you struggle with the most, and you never know that might be what I pick.  If you don’t have any ideas, here are some of mine, what do you think of these?

  • Why looking after yourself and keeping your identity as a Mum is crucial – you might know this logically, but do you need a helping kick to do it?
  • How I tackled Curly Headed Boy’s problems with starting reception
  • Ideas on handling bullying

Looking forward to all your ideas!

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