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Beginnings and Endings: Sad Goodbyes, Home Updates and Happy Times

Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet folks, but I have a BIG announcement for next week, so be patient, I hope you are going to love it!

Last week was half term and it was a weird week with big ups and downs.  For the first time in ages I didn’t work hardly at all, just a little email and a few tweets, which brought me back full of energy and new ideas.

It should definitely be touted as the best weight loss solution available, as I lost a Qtr of a stone!  Can’t wait for Easter, because if I avoid the eggs I should lose the remaining half stone.  (This isn’t baby no 2 weight, and to be honest it’s not baby no 1 weight, it’s more ‘working from home and having a baby’ weight which means I’m normally umbilically attached to my computer rather than down the gym!).  I so look forward to the holidays with the kids and no more school runs.  For people who don’t do them, it wont make sense how exhausting they are, but OMG I’m as desperate for the holidays as Curly Headed Boy when they come around.  However, looking after 2 kids on your own for a week is also pretty exhausting, especially as Little Dimples is teething like hell and sleep is a distant memory for me at the moment.

It started off really sadly as well with us having to say good bye to my gorgeous Jim.  Jim was a fluffy cuddly teddy bear dog, who was MY dog (rather than ‘our’ dog).  He was the most gorgeous, vain, daft, and lovely dog ever.  But when Curly Headed Boy was a toddler, I made the difficult decision to rehome him a few miles away .  Jim would never have bitten my boy, but he would bite our other silly dog Merlin who is very clumsy; and his eye sight was getting bad so you could see that he was getting worried he would one day make a mistake.  Around the same time there were several children badly bitten by family dogs, and I decided it wasn’t fair on anyone.  It’s an incredibly difficult decision to make, and although he was close we didn’t get to see him as much as I had hoped.  I suppose it’s a bit of an intrusion for the old owner to pop back in every now and again.  So last week was the first week that Jim met Little Dimples, and time for us to say good bye.  I tried to be ever so brave, but I was tired too, and did have a jolly good cry when we got home.  Curly Headed Boy was very kind, and popped me on a sofa with a blanket and scooby do (I could probably have done without scooby!).  I hope Jim is sitting next to me lieing on my feet again, and knows how much I loved him.

The rest of the week was very chilled, we didn’t do anything major or exciting, just fun things like making clay hand prints of the kids, or taking the dogs for a walk, or going swimming, they were happy times and although nothing major stands out, what I do remember is lots of cuddles and love.

We had a quick flirtation with the idea of moving house.  We live in a town house, which means that my bedroom is on the same floor as the lounge.  I co-sleep with Little Dimples, and because it is a weirdly HUGE room, Curly Headed Boy sleeps in the same room  in his own bed (The big northern hubby gets to sleep in his little pad of humming computers and general untidyness upstairs as we decided that sharing the exhaustion wasn’t practical).  This has been a life-saver when Curly Headed Boy was having loads of nightmares, as having to wander up the stairs for him and handle the baby who hates to sleep would be a nightmare for me.  But since all the tweeks I’ve made to help him with school, the nightmares have mostly gone and it is definitely time for him to move to his own room (I’m going to summarise everything I did for him next week).  We thought we’d check out the houses for sale in our area but there are two problems.  Firstly, OMG how trashed can a house be, I just don’t have the energy to take on a new house that has been that trashed by four kids.  There were missing ceilings, writing on the walls, holes in the floor, and an unenterable garden; all for a massive price tag.  The alternative was the house belonging to two old folks, that might as well have been trashed for the changes we would have had to make.  So a bit down and depressed we came home, and then had a big idea.  I’m going to give up my lovely bedroom and gorgeous bathroom that we put in when Little Dimples was in my tummy, and move upstairs.  Curly headed boy will take the Hairy Ones room along the corridor, and I will create myself a little pink palace in the spare room.  The bathroom is a bit of a tight fit, but maybe with some redesign it’ll work.  However much dust this makes, at least there will be no solicitors, removal vans and a much smaller bill than the stamp duty would be.  So we are staying and very excited about all our plans.

It’s been a very strange few weeks with loads of beginnings and endings.  Maybe something is in the air?  Has it been weird for you too?

By the way, my webinar was really popular, but being busy Mums a few people missed it and asked me to leave it up for another week.  So it will still be there this weekend and I will take down the recording on monday.  Don’t forget when you register that you will also get a free online course as well.

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