So here it is, ta da <big drum roll in background>!  I’ve been hinting at an exciting announcement coming today and here it is.  It’s funny, this is the end result of 6 months of planning and hard-work, I really hope that you will enjoy it and encourage your friends to join in ..

I am going to be running a FREE 1hr webinar in 2 weeks time on Thursday 17th February from 8-9pm.

It’s on ‘Ensuring Your Children Reach Their Potential‘.

I know that all parents worry about how their children are doing and what will happen to them in the future.  Well, I have a big secret that I know will help you to make sure that your children end up with lives that they love.

<click here to sign up and see a little video of me talking about it>

“How do you know it’s a secret?” you might be saying?  Well, because after attending hundreds of workshops or reading tonnes of books on human behaviour, I’ve only been told this little secret once, and it made my hair stand on end.  Like most ‘secrets’ it’ll sound really sensible and simple when you know it, but it just doesn’t appear to be widely known.

“Whats a webinar?” you might be saying?  It’s really easy, you click on the link, follow the instructions and you’ll get an email with a button to press on the night of the webinar, which will take you to a web page.  You will hear me talking, see some stuff on your screen, and maybe even get the chance to ask me a question via your microphone or a chat utility.  (You will need a microphone on your computer i.e. can you hear things being played on your computer, otherwise you will need to phone in).

“Is it going to be freaky stuff about making child geniuses?” you might ask?  Nope, it’s all about your children being who they would love to be, and getting there before they are 30,40 or 50.  That might well be a child genius, but not necessarily.

“Whats the catch?” the cynics may ask?  There is no catch.  It’s FREE.  You will also get a link to a FREE online course that will help you to apply what I’ll be talking about.  Yes, at some point I will spend 5 mins explaining how I help people to do this directly as clients, as some might be interested to go into more depth, but there will be no hard sell.

“So what do you get out of it?” say those suspicious cynics (who are actually quite wise!)?  Of course I get something out of it, there is no way of giving something for free without getting something, even if it is just to feel good.  I do have an objective, and that is to get the ‘Mummy Whisperer’ message out there into the ether, because I totally believe that it will help Mums, and create a stronger generation of families and young people.

“I’m not available on thursday night?”  Don’t worry, sign up anyway, there may be a way around it (hint hint) for those who have registered for the call.  BUT you must have registered.

“Can I tell my friends?” Yes please, I’d really appreciate it, if you could pass the news around.

“Is it for me, I have a baby/toddler/teen?” Yes, it is for all types and level of Mum.

So Sign Up Now!  And Tell Your Friends, because it will help them too.

<click here to sign up and see a little video of me talking about it>


I help Mums (and me!) to enjoy being a Mum more and feel happier, healthier and wealthier.

I also help Small Business Owner mums to get their businesses booming, paying for the bills & fun adventures and fitting into their lives easily.

There is something from everyone from ..
* Blog
* Podcast
* Free facebook communities
* My Total Health series books
* Downloadable programs for small Biz owner mums
* Business Club
* 1to1's

On my blog here, you'll see several blog series about specific subjects:
- Law of attraction - and how to apply it to your life as a mum
- Business with a heart - it is my great belief that it is possible to be successful without losing your heart
- Fibromyalgia/Lyme disease - under the 'heal your life' section
- No diets and bootcamps - is my series about weight loss
- Sparkling you - inspired my book
- Relationships - has a lot of useful information

I believe that we all deserve to be happy, healthy & wealthy!

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