How To Be A Good Mother: I have the answer

I reckon I know ‘How to be a good mother’. Mind you I don’t reckon I get it right all the time. But I do think I know what I did when I don’t get it right. Ironically, I was approached for that Channel 4 program with Sharon Horgan on ‘How to be a good mother’.  I was hesitant initially, […]

FREE Webinar, FREE 6 week online course PLUS money to Help Japan

BIG APOLOGIES, THIS WEBINAR HAS NOW BEEN DELAYED. I hope this doesn’t stop you from donating to help Japan, here is one of the options via Save the Children. Hello Gorgeous Mums, I’ve been umming and ahhing about wether or not to do another free webinar before the easter holidays.  The world seemed like it was such a difficult place […]

Big changes in the Mummy Whisperer world

Sorry I’ve been quiet guys; I promise to only do one blog during the half term, and then I was going through such an big inspirational time, that I was quiet for a week and then needed a little time out. I’ve been doing an online coaching course to help improve my program launches, and get my head around marketing […]

What do I Stand for, what am I about?

I was having a chat with a friend the other day about who we are, what we do like, what we don’t like, and thought that maybe it was time for me to ‘come out’ about what I am all about? We all judge something.  But it’s different for all of us.  Some of us think that we don’t judge, […]

FREE Webinar on How to Ensure Your Children Reach Their Potential

So here it is, ta da <big drum roll in background>!  I’ve been hinting at an exciting announcement coming today and here it is.  It’s funny, this is the end result of 6 months of planning and hard-work, I really hope that you will enjoy it and encourage your friends to join in .. I am going to be running […]

Fancy getting the Mummy Whisperer message out there and making some money?

Are you a Mummy Blogger, Coach, or have an email list that is likely to have Mums on it? Do you like the message that the Mummy Whisperer stands for (see below for a quick reminder!)? Do you fancy helping to let other Mum’s know about me? Would you like to be fairly recompensed for it? I’ve mentioned before that […]

Do You Like My Shiny New Blog?

I’ve been a bit quiet over the last few months, but it’s all going to change!  I’ve been busy learning, creating, learning some more and sorting out my business, thanks to the very helpful advice I got when I posted ‘Help am I deluded‘ back in October.  Basically everyone was in agreement that although my products/services were good, I was […]

Help, Am I Deluded?

I’ve met my fair share of coach/therapist/healer types who were extremely deluded about either their grandiose plans, their skills or their market actually wanting them. There have also been a fair amount if people with a great deal less training and experience than me, who were a load better at marketing and therefore a hell of a lot more financially […]

It’s All Change On The Western Front

It’s been a weird 6 months, I appear to have been in mega ‘declutter your life’ mode. You would have thought that giving birth to little dimples, and curly headed boy going to primary school would have been enough really, plus getting really sick.  But I appear to have been on a mission. Maybe it’s because now I have two kids, there really isn’t […]