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FREE Webinar, FREE 6 week online course PLUS money to Help Japan


I hope this doesn’t stop you from donating to help Japan, here is one of the options via Save the Children.

Hello Gorgeous Mums,

I’ve been umming and ahhing about wether or not to do another free webinar before the easter holidays.  The world seemed like it was such a difficult place at the moment that I wasn’t sure that it was appropriate.  But then I came up with the perfect solution.

I’m going to do a 1hr Free Webinar for the first time explaining the Flexible Family Solution in depth; this is my 6 step process that I give to Mums to help them tackle their family’s problems.  It’s ever so easy, you’ll get an email, with a button in it from GoToWebinar, which you press just before the call starts (if your computer has a microphone, otherwise you can phone in).

Plus, just to help you get your head around it and use it, I’m going to give a Free 6 week web based course to go with it.  This can be your little 10mins of ‘me time’ each week during the easter holidays, and a way of tackling the holidays;  for me  this is going to be a WHOLE MONTH with no school!!!!

Plus, for everyone who signs up for the webinar I’m going to give £1 to one of the Help Japan charities, so I need your help to make sure that I give lots by telling all your friends and getting them to sign up too.

Go to to sign up, and please send your friends.  (By the way it’s a double sign up process, otherwise you won’t be the webinar login details).  If you are worried about passing on my information because you don’t know what I am about, then check out my post all about me, it’ll let you know what you can expect!

p.s. Having looked around since writing this post I’m going with Save the children as the charity.  Help me get to 100 people, and cut my husbands starbuck’s habit for a month to pay for it ;o)

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