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A Dash Of Benefit Of The Doubt and a Mirror

I’m going to rant.

If you saw my blog on monday you’ll know that there are a few things that make me want to rant, and this is one of them.

Jumping to conclusions and not giving people the benefit of the doubt.  I know we all do it.  But the mummy world is particularly good at doing it when it comes to other Mums.  Hows about judging other people, not your fellow Mums?

I’m not actually pissed off with the Mummy blogger who raised this question with me, atleast she was honest right?  It’s more frustration with the fact that we will not be able to strengthen the power and effect of Mums and families in this country if we keep having a go at each other.

So apparently it is wrong of me to offer £1 for each person who signs up for my free webinar, because that is ‘marketing’ and instead of making people sign up for the webinar, I should just give away some money.

  • Hows about the fab free 1hrs info that the Mums wouldn’t then get?
  • Hows about the fab free 6 week online course that the Mums wouldn’t then get?
  • Hows about the reminder to keep Japan in our minds eye this week, despite Libya?
  • Hows about the reminder to keep Japan in our minds eye next week when I do the webinar?
  • Hows about the reminder to keep Japan in our minds eye the week after when I will probably offer a short term recording of the webinar for all those who missed it?
  • Hows about the reminder to the attendees to give some money if they can?

You’re right, I could just keep tweeting about it.  But in this world, we tend to get something in return for our charitable donations.  Lets have a look at stickers, poppies, or the more dramatic entertainment offered by the big hitters of red nose day or pudsey?  So when I was trying to decide whether or not to go ahead with my webinar, I decided to continue, but not to promote the large program that I was going to do.  Instead, I was hoping that having received a pile of great information, some of the Mums might pop their hands in their pocket for Japan.  And yes, I might have got a pile of new people to know about me, but couldn’t that actually be to their benefit?

Oh and on the subject of marketing.  Do you think that the celebs who appear and entertain us on all those charity shows don’t gain in terms of their PR?  But that’s OK?  Whereas a Mum, attempting to help other Mums with her business, should just sit and twiddle her thumbs and ‘hope’ that she eventually makes a profit?

Yes, I should only be ‘spiritual’ and ‘altruistic’ and expect the universe to deliver to me.  Well guess what, the universe doesn’t do that.  The universe wants you to be a balanced person who gives and receives, and both meditates and takes action.  In fact, having just been on a course to learn about launching, I actually gained one of the most spiritual outcomes that I have ever done, and I have been on a hell of a lot of tree hugging, new age, esoteric courses.

Do you know what the point to Marketing is?  The point is to make sure that those Mums who need my services can find me.  That’s the point.  There is no magic fairy who is going to post my website address to all the Mums that I can help.  So ‘marketing’ is not bad.  Marketing just is.  Some people use it with discernment and fairness, and some over-sell and under-deliver.  Long term if people don’t make sure that they are offering a fair deal it won’t work out for them, even the big companies get caught out eventually.

Did you know that we only judge what reminds us of ourselves?  So all those people who think that I would be wrong to gain any marketing from my webinar, are actually looking at their own lives.  Somewhere they have gained from someone else, or taken advantage of something or someone.  It’s always wise to look in the mirror first before having a go at someone.

So lets look at my mirror and my current frustrations.  I have been continually telling a best friend of mine to stop helping out someone who just doesn’t appreciate the help or attempt to even help themselves.  Maybe I should take that advice for myself?  Perhaps, the mummy world just isn’t ready to enjoy being Mums more and create stronger families?  There is no point in flogging a dead horse after all.  I do have a stalwart group of reliable and loyal supporters; but it is quite possible that they are unusual in the world of Mums, as they would like to make a change and do something about their problems, rather than stick with the status quo and complain about it.  What do you think?

Thanks for listening to my rant, I’m gonna have a cup of tea now xxxx

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