Do You Like My Shiny New Blog?

I’ve been a bit quiet over the last few months, but it’s all going to change!  I’ve been busy learning, creating, learning some more and sorting out my business, thanks to the very helpful advice I got when I posted ‘Help am I deluded‘ back in October.  Basically everyone was in agreement that although my products/services were good, I was a bit tosh at the whole sales and marketing thing.  (BTW, big apologies for not sending out information about the competition winner sooner, who is Rebecca: my ebook is winging it’s way to you now Rebecca!).

I’d basically been watching the X factor auditions and thinking, ‘Oh my goodness, is it possible that the reason I’ve not yet made a profit is because I’m c**p!’.  Some people may have been thinking I was, but they missed their chance to be rid of me ;o)  So off I went and signed up for a bootcamp program on creating and launching products.  Ironically, it was in the same online coaching system that I had just started to use (check it out if you are coach, I really recommend you think about using it, I’ve become an affiliate for it, because I love it), so I have had a taste of what it’s like to be a client of an online coaching program.

It’s been blinking hard work, when the creator  (Nicola Bird) said ‘bootcamp’ she meant it!  Very soon it did become blindingly obvious that my previous ‘launches’ were basically pitiful attempts.  I’d create a lovely workshop, book or service, pop it on my website and send a newsletter about it.  I always got some pick up, but never as much as maybe I thought the products deserved.

I’m using my Mummy Whisperer workshop as the basis of the program that I’ve created as that has been tried and tested over the last three years, but because there is a self-coaching package people can buy, I’ve added tonnes more information to it, and learnt more about videos, audios and lots more techie stuff.  If I say so myself, it’s looking really rather fab, I just have to stop polishing and adding to it sometime soon as otherwise the perfectionist in me will never finish!  I’m also learning about squeeze pages, email lists, teleseminars, joint ventures, oh and the list goes on and on and on.  Like I say, it’s now pretty obvious that I just wasn’t making sure people knew about my stuff.  If you want to see what the beta version looked like, have a look here on my youtube page.

With a baby I couldn’t do it all, so the gorgeous Violet Posy has helped me out with my blog (lucky thing I’d booked her in advance on a bit of a hunch as she gets booked up months in advance).  What do you reckon, isn’t it shiny?  It makes me a little hungry as it reminds me of raspberry ripple.  I’ve updated my main site to match, and am using my lovely new badges and headers everywhere, so I feel extremely posh!  I’m hoping that by having gone the self-hosted route, my blog will start to do better in the different lists etc (you are very welcome to recommend me to people in order to help out this process, pretty please).

Plus I now have a big PLAN!  I’ll be telling you more about it over the coming months, so keep in touch, especially as there is going to be a fab freebie as a present for you in January to kick your years off with a boost.

OOOH while I’m at it, if you subscribe to my blog via RSS, you might want to add this new feed (see the RSS button on the top right hand side).  I have added an automatic mover from my old site, but you wont see my new blogs otherwise.

So I’ve got another couple of weeks on the bootcamp, then more polishing of the program, and putting into practice everything I’ve learnt.  Wish me luck, because I’m hoping that my gorgeous shiny new blog is a sign of success to come in 2011.  But from now on, there will be lots more posts coming from me, as I love blogging and have put it high up on my priority list.  I’m also going to get the hang of the great theme that got installed and probably have a twiddle myself, so anything you would like to see added to the blog, please do let me know.  (Just seen that one of the menus gets cut off when viewing a post, but shows fine on the main page – so will be doing that sooner than expected!).

It’s All Change On The Western Front

It’s been a weird 6 months, I appear to have been in mega ‘declutter your life’ mode.

You would have thought that giving birth to little dimples, and curly headed boy going to primary school would have been enough really, plus getting really sick.  But I appear to have been on a mission.

Maybe it’s because now I have two kids, there really isn’t any space for anything that is irrelevant or takes up time/space I can’t afford?  Did anyone else find a similar thing happened to them after having a second child?

I’m also much more aware of my age (41), and am having no problem in remembering to eat healthily or take vitamins and minerals that I probably wouldn’t have been reliable about beforehand.  I realised that if I’m to see my grandchildren, then some serious work needs to be done to get it into working order.  Perhaps it’s a big reality check that happens in your forties?

Or is it because it’s my ‘saturn return’ in astrological terms or ‘mid-life crisis’ in psychobabble terms?  My lovely astrologer (seriously, if you ever wanted to try it, he’s a lovely guy, brilliant value, very good at it and it doesn’t matter where you live) did say that it was hitting me this year.

I’ve found a wonderful woman locally who will take all the stuff  you just haven’t managed to get round to selling on ebay and do it for you (if you near St Albans and want her name, feel free to leave a comment below).  Although she takes a fee, I reckon that she makes more on the sale anyway, so it’s well worth it.  She took a car load, plus sold a bike and a dog kennel that got picked up from our home.  Then even better was the discovery of freegle (used to be called freecyle), which is a yahoo group where you can offer ANYTHING for free and within 24hrs it’s gone; FANTASTIC!

We had a flood from the shower, so downstairs is going to be refloored (we have holes in the floor from the dog scratching) and the walls painted in industrial child proof stuff!  So the house is getting a make over too.

I even in a fit of madness went from this, to this (plus yesterday I had all the grey dyed out!):


Meanwhile big northern hairy hubby is also at it, with a sudden fitness regime and a success at losing weight that he hasn’t had in 10yrs.  I think that we would both admit that our relationship needs a bit of polishing after all these years (21, how scary!), so there is change afoot there too.

The biggest change came as I decided what to do about my work.  I found it increasingly hard to work out how things would work with the second baby.  Now that I’m just focussing on Mums and am just overseeing my more general therapy business, it was easier, but also I realised that coordinating our schedules was almost impossible.  Plus for Mums I really needed to be able to provide incredible value for service for a really affordable price, but without making it pointless me working.  I was seriously considering just giving up work.  After all, I could be a stay at home mum (SAHM), and in the time I would normally work, I could get fit, look fab, and then when the kids leave school I’ll be about 60, so pretty much ready to retire.  There would be a hell of a lot less juggling to do.  But there would of course be the downside that I lose my sparkle when I don’t work at all, so I might look better, but I wouldn’t be much fun.

By the way, you might not know what I actually do?  I’ve updated by about page and background, just incase you are interested as to where I came from, and what my qualifications are.  But basically, I’m not a parenting coach.  I call myself a ‘mummy whisperer’, because I’m just here to help the mum to be clear on who they are, become more contented, get more sparkle in their lives, and create a strong family with less conflict and stress.  (There’s lots more information on this blog about the ‘fun creation equation’ and my services, plus on my main site).

Then out of the blue I found my solution!  It’s so exciting, I’ve kept quiet about it all summer, because I wanted to show you what it would look like before I mentioned it.  I’ve found a way, that I can provide help for Mums ANYWHERE, at ANY TIME of the day, 24×7, ANY DAY of the week, for ANY LENGTH of time.  Plus the amount of stuff I’ve put in the package is well worth about £7000, but I can sell it from £379, with the option to pay by paypal/credit card over 3 months, so it is really affordable.  Plus, it will be there for the Mums FOREVER, to reuse over and over again, for that one price.  Plus, for anyone who can’t afford it initially, I’ve got a FREE INTRODUCTION, and will be adding a £27 product to help people sort out their finances.  It’s way better than just 1to1’s because all the information is there to be referred back to at any time, and better than workshops, because no one can slip through the cracks and pretend that they understand. (Please forgive me for the shouting in capitals, but I’ve been keeping quiet about this all summer, so I’m kind of over-excited!!).

‘So what on earth is it?’, I hear you ask (hopefully?!).  It’s using a product called **jigsawbox, funnily enough created by another Mum who must have been in the same situation as me.  It means that I can put my workbooks or workshops online into packages.  When you login, there will be different modules, inside of which will be videos, audios, and text explaining that particular subject.  Then to help you learn it properly there are exercises for you to fill out.  But the best bit is, when you press [send to coach], I can then add my own feedback, so we can interact online.  There will also be the option for free webinars, or to add 15min skype chats or longer 1to1 sessions for some Mums who need more assistance (for example, if there are relationship issues, PND, or past abusive relationships).

Now I haven’t done a video to show you properly yet, but I will do, so keep a look out for it.  But in the meantime, you can get a free introduction to this fab system, plus start to have a look at your own identity and how your family is working at the moment, by signing up for free email list (see RHS).  I’d love to know what you think, so please do leave comments below.

So how come has all this come about?  Well, it might sound a bit tree hugging, but I’m sure there is a vibe of change in the air.  I was too late to get involved in *** Josie’s (a well known mummy bloggerwriting workshop about change last week, but there seems to be a lot of it about.  It’s the jewish new year, and schools always start at this time of the year, so maybe we are all programmed to be thinking about it around now.  There are days when it feels exciting, and others when it feels very scary, and almost like I’m grieving for something being over.  I cried buckets on the last night of big brother, and when curly headed boy started school, but in a way they were just opportunities for a few tears to do with something deeper.  As my mentor says ‘the greatest transformation happens at the border of order and chaos’, i.e. nothing gets changed without some discomfort!  So onwards and upwards, one step at a time, is my motto at the moment.

Is life changing for you too, or is it just those of us in the mid-life crisis?

** I am now an affiliate of jigsawbox as well; of course, because I think it is fab, I want to share it with other coaches/therapist/trainers out there.  If you decide you like it after hearing from me, feel free to email me for more info, and I’d really appreciate you using my affiliate link.  I haven’t found anything else that even matches it a little, it has been going for over a year, so the kinks have been sorted out, and there is tonnes of support.

*** Josie is one of the 3 mummy bloggers who recently went to bangladesh with Save the Children, and have started a Press for Change campaign to push Nick Clegg to commit to making the huge rates of child mortality in third world countries a thing of the past.