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Big changes in the Mummy Whisperer world

Sorry I’ve been quiet guys; I promise to only do one blog during the half term, and then I was going through such an big inspirational time, that I was quiet for a week and then needed a little time out.

I’ve been doing an online coaching course to help improve my program launches, and get my head around marketing etc.  I must admit to having been a little anti-marketing having worked for a year in a marketing department and hating all the competition.  But for the last couple of years, I’ve grown up a lot, and been learning more about it.  After all, it’s great to be altruistic etc, but there needs to be a balance between giving and receiving in life, and for me to do well, I do need to get my message out there.  I must admit this course has been a real eye-opener.  It’s a group course, so we have webinars with the teacher, and a forum to chat about stuff, and information/homework available on line to work through.  It’s amazing that what is basically based on a very materialistic subject has been so ‘spiritual’.

Forgive me, I’m gonna get a big fluffy ;o) But by really facing the lack of balance in my life and learning this stuff, I’ve really gotten so much clearer on who I am, what I do, and what my ‘message’ is; its really cool.  You can see the change most obviously in my main site which has changed look and feel big time, and there have been lots of name changes; I’ll do a post about them later this week.  I also have a REALLY exciting new free webinar on the way, with a FREE SIX WEEK online course.  But more importantly, I know I’m going to be even better at what I do, because I have such clarity about it now.  Who da thought that what is basically a marketing course could do this, after all the ‘personal development’ I’ve done over the years!

The other reason I’ve been quiet is because I just couldn’t think what the hell to say on Friday, with the tsunami hitting Japan.  There are big changes going on in our world this year, and it looks like nature is taking control.  I texted a Japanese friend, but felt horrified and distracted for most of the day.  Most of what can be said is irritating platitudes about ‘out of our greatest challenges, blah blah’, and believe you me I’ve wanted to deck people who said that at my worst times.  So I’ve been thinking about what can I do?  I can’t go over, I don’t expect they need money.  Then I thought about what they do need.  Well, I do believe in the power of prayer/healing/positive thoughts, so I can send them and keep in touch with my friend here in the UK if she needs me.  The other thing I can do, is not be umbilically attached to the news, but keep up to date with it and not ignore it due to it being so horrid.  There is a blog here that I found through a well known mummy blogger called typecast and I recommend that you follow it if you are interested.

So in the next week you are going to see lots more blogs from me.  There will be short ones, a series of tips, ones about my life, and lots more!  I was thinking of adding in an agony aunt post once per week?  What do you think, would you like to be able to ask a question anonymously and get an answer?  Let me know what you fancy, because I’m making so many changes that now is the time to tell me.  Ooh, and tell your friends about the blog, because the freebies on the way are great (well, I think they are great and hope you do!).

I love hearing what people think about my posts!