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Baths are not the same anymore!

I like a bath every now and again on my own (once a month is enough for a chill), but I often bath with the kids.  When I was pregnant with Little Dimples baths were my refuge and way of keeping Curly Headed Boy occupied for hours without making the SPD hurt more or get even more tired.  They are fun, and the kids always like it best if I’m in there with them.

But baths are not as much fun for me anymore!

Little Dimples can now get out of her bath seat, which she does the minute I get in the bath.  From then on her whole objective is to ‘splat’ Mummy.  Whoever taught her to splat (arms in air, dive for them) is in for big trouble!  I’m sure it is a term of endearment in her mind, but I find it less than relaxing, funnily enough.  Meanwhile Curly Headed Boy with either be soaking me or her with some makeshift water gun, and wobbling my tummy telling me how beautiful I am.  A tip for the boys when they grow up ‘you’re so beautiful mummy’ doesn’t have the same effect when combined with a tummy wobble!

Then there is the added bonus of Little Dimples poking Curly Headed Boys bits in interest, followed by turning round and poking Mummy’s boobs.  This is apparently lots of fun and unless dis-encouraged can go on for ages.  I’m assuming it is healthy interest and am trying to control my british reserve!

So I might soon have to resign from bathing with the kids and stick to the shower!  Curly Headed Boy is much less keen on the shower, so I will only get ambushed on my way out.  Little Dimples unfortunately likes the shower and is happy to come in with all her clothes on, so I do have to pick my times carefully.  But at least there is no splatting.

I wonder, in a few years time, will I remember how amazingly wonderful a shower or bath on your own is?  Will I count my blessings every morning when I get up and can have 5 minutes all to myself?  I hope so!

Do you bath with the kids?  How old are they?  If you stopped, when did you stop?

2 thoughts on “Baths are not the same anymore!

  1. I bathed with Hannah and Emily until we moved house as the bath here isn’t big enough! That was a few years ago so Hannah would have been 4, and Emily 2. I loved it, but still tried to get the odd bath on my own.

    Emily’s only interest when we all went in together was breastfeeding! We both found it relaxing though.

    As we no longer all fit in the bath, we use the lay-z-spa. Not at all relaxing though as the girls idea of fun is going round as fast as they can to create a whirlpool effect!

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