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Some tips for the easter holidays

Curly Headed Boy’s holiday started on wednesday and he is off for 1 month, back for a couple of days and off again!  I really look forward to the holidays, but it can be a really difficult time.  I’ve got work to juggle, a 13 month old baby who hasn’t understood the concept of waiting yet, plus a 5yr old who has still not learnt that constantly interrupting and nagging me for stuff won’t work!

So what I did last week was make a couple of big decisions ….

  1. I’m not doing any major work over the easter holidays, just some foundational stuff and my blog.
  2. I also took some time out for a rest and a bit of a rejuvenation, to give me the energy to survive the month.
  3. I’ve spent quite a lot of time looking at the diary and working out things to do, as the more potential structure there is, the easier sometimes.  Mind you, I’m not as organised as some, one Mum I know has something booked for every day already.
  4. I keep reminding myself to make sure that we have fun and not to try to achieve too much.
  5. I’m changing my plans if they don’t feel right on the day and don’t work for me.

I think that the key is to make sure that we are OK first, so that we have the energy to keep going!  What are you up to?

2 thoughts on “Some tips for the easter holidays

  1. Oh my god the lil one isnt 13 months old already surely??? REALLY?!
    J is off for 2 weeks and he hates holidays, he likes his routine and his behaviour gets appauling during holidays. I am NOT looking forward to it!

    1. LoL yes I remember when Max was at nursery and the holidays really upset his schedule. Dont worry though, when they go to school they really need the holidays, he’ll be fine then.

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