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Video Wed: Glee Addiction

So, I have succumbed!  Little Dimples was ill a couple of weekends ago, and while she needed to be held and rocked I gave in to the phenomenon that is Glee, and watched half of season 1 pretty much back to back!  At one point when she was better she opened her eyes, danced a bit, gave me a huge hug like I’d bought her the best thing in the world, and promptly went back to sleep.

Now it’s great music, good fun, I like a bit of teen angst, and it’s generally good fluffy stuff.  But there is one reason that all women should watch Glee.  Mr Schuester.  For once a teenish program that we can watch and have a proper excuse because there is someone in it for us over ahem 40’s!

Now I couldn’t find one youtube video that did him total justice, so here are two for you, one with the sexy vocals and the other with the dancing.  (Sorry to my kindle followers as I know it wont show for you, but definitely recommend you check him on my Youtube channel)

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