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Exhaustion Tip: Caffiene and panic attacks

The worst thing about being exhausted sometimes is then not being able to get to sleep.  I’ve got several tips on this, but the first is the most obvious; self-inflicted insomnia!

Do you ever lie down and your heart is pumping a hundred to the dozen?  It almost feels like you are having a panic attack, and despite feeling awful you just cant sleep?  Then you are drinking or eating too much caffienne too late in the day, or something else that speeds up your metabolism.  For instance, there are certain wines that have the same effect on me, maybe they have chemicals in them.

So try no coffee/coke after 4pm and if that doesn’t work try not having it after lunch.

Plus NO chocolate in the evening, which is tough I know, but it is full of caffiene especially the dark good stuff.

Watch out for some alcohol, medicines, and fizzy drinks, I’ve often been caught out by Lemsip because some types of lemsip have something to help you function during the day in them.

If this tip helps, I’d love to know, so please do pop a comment below.

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