I’m feeling a bit feisty!  Plus, I’m still very inspired by all the stuff that I learnt at Blog Camp UK (If you didn’t make it to London, you have so got to go to one of the others: there is cake, gossip, and cool things to learn!).

So, at the conference Bangs and a Bun said something that really got me thinking.  She said ‘I fight for every one of my readers’.  I was amazed.  She’s a big time blogger, but she still cared about every single little read she might get.  Plus she was totally aware that we only have so much time in the day, so the likelihood was that someone else’s blog would therefore not get read.  Now you might think this competitive and ambitious, and it is; she’s a very feisty woman.  But it is also extremely caring and shows how much she cares about her readers.  So I got to thinking …. If I’m not fighting to make sure that people know about my blog, and that they read it, then I’m not showing how much I care about my readers.  In fact, it kind of makes it look like I’m sitting here saying ‘I’m so wonderful, I don’t need to go out to look for readers, because the really discerning ones will find me’.

So I made a resolution then and there, which is that I am going to fight to get and keep my readers!  I love blogging, but it’s like any relationship, it’s not complete without my readers.

There are other things in my life that I’m fighting for right now too; like I say, I’m a bit feisty right now, must be the 42nd birthday looming and the mid-life crisis.  I’ve also been reading ‘The Big Leap’ by Gay Hendricks.  If you need a bit of a kick to push yourself further, then this is totally the book for you (plus it’s available on kindle, so you can read it easily whenever you can fit it in around the kids.  I read mine in the car at pickup and in bed on my iphone).

Oooh by the way, whilst I’m talking about fighting; have you voted for me in the Small Business Category of the Mad’s yet?  You’ve only got a little more time to do it, and let everyone know you have ever met, so that they can too!  I’m up against some hefty blogs, and really need every vote I can get.

So as it’s video wed, here is my video for all my gorgeous readers, Cheryl Cole and ‘I’m going to fight for this love’: I’m going to fight to keep you and get more of you, because ‘you’re worth it’ in the the words or L’Oreal (cheesy much!).  (p.s. I couldn’t get the non-advert version to embed – look for the ‘skip advert’ button)

And I’m going to ask you to think about this: What are you going to fight for?  What means something to you?  What do you want to do?  What do you deserve?


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  1. Thanks for the kick up the butt! Why I wonder have I been bothering writing a blog that I’ve failed pathetically to promote! No more – you’ve just given me my reason why!

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