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Video Wed: How Music Reminds Us Of Lovely Places; Wild fitness, Mummy Blogger awards

I was listening to a piece of music yesterday and was instantly sitting on a roof at sunset in Kenya, surrounded by big hairy rugby/hockey players, meditating.  Obviously!  Music is amazing isn’t it, the way it can transport us back in time to places.  It was a really magical holiday. We have no idea how […]

OMG Huge Thankyou’s for the MAD Blog Awards and a few less tears!

I have HUGE thank you’s for you guys, because you put fingers on the keys and voted for me for the MAD Blog awards ‘Small business category’, and even better I actually WON!!!! I’ve got to write this post, because my acceptance speech consisted of slightly muffled ‘sob’ … ‘thank you’ .. ‘sob’ .. ‘OMG’ […]

Video Wed: What are you going to fight for?

Video Wed: What are you going to fight for?

I’m feeling a bit feisty!  Plus, I’m still very inspired by all the stuff that I learnt at Blog Camp UK (If you didn’t make it to London, you have so got to go to one of the others: there is cake, gossip, and cool things to learn!). So, at the conference Bangs and a […]

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