Everyone is fab

I Love Awards

Everyone is fab

I love awards – some people are OK knowing that they are fab, but I must admit I like to be told!  I’m much better than I was when I was younger, and I can do some self-patting on the back now; which is healthy I think.  But to get an award is lovely.

We had a tough week at the salon this week; we made some awfully difficult decisions now that we know more about our market and restructured letting 5 people go and bringing 1 person in.  The team has really come together since then and we are really proud of them.  So it was great last night to announce our new monthly awards for the team; we’ve got 1 for rebookings (the bread and butter statistic) and 1 for excellence (for people who really embrace the ethos of the salon).

So I have a bit of a favour to ask of you:  I’ve been nominated for a blogging award by Candis, a great magazine in their parenting category.  I’d love to win because I love getting awards, and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!  But also it would mean we would win a subscription to their magazine, which would be perfect for the salon.

So please vote for me before the 15th of December [Here] in their parenting category!

And please ask everyone you’ve ever met, in the whole of your life to vote for me (because that wouldn’t be annoying at all!).

Thank you!
candis blogging awards parenting nominee

I Love Your Blog

Fibromyalgia Winner

I always used to say at the time of awards ceremony –

If you didn’t win there, you will be winning somewhere else, you just need to look for it.

It might have sounded trite, as I was clutching my MADs or BiBs awards.

But this year I have proved it to be true!

I’ve been featured as Fibro-Daily’s Warrior of the week this week.


I’ve been listed as one of the Top 16  fibromyalgia blogs of 2012 by Healthline

I Love Your Blog

It’s weird to win for something like this.  I really felt for a couple of the winners and finalists at Britmumslive this weekend – as they were basically being recognised for their tragedies.  However, I do think that blogging through a problem is a way of turning it around and finding the silver lining.

Check out my page on fibromyalgia which lists some basic information and all my posts if you would like to know more.

Please let your friends or family know about my blog if they have fibromyalgia – it helps us all to know there are others out there.

Please do get in touch on here, facebook or twitter if you have fibromyaglia.


I’ve been shortlisted in the Brilliance in Blogging Awards – Please vote for me!

Thank you so much to who ever nominated me in the BiBs2013, I’ve been shortlisted in the video category!

I was a little surprised about this, as it was my plan to really start getting into videos this year, and I didn’t feel I had embraced it properly yet.

But it’s given me a boost to do lots more, thank you!

And if there is any chance that you have a couple of seconds to vote for me, I’d be really chuffed!  (Check out the other blogs if you like and then click on the bit that says ‘vote in the 2013 BiBs’ to actually vote).

What have I done?

Here is my YouTube Channel, it’s got lots of bits and pieces on it.

I had a think about what videos I have done:


My kids are the stars of the show of course!:


My most popular is the gorgeous David Tennant!


Most recently there have been my Weight Loss Diary Vlogs:


I even embraced a Google Hangout and have several more planned for this year to get everyone healthy, fit and strong.


There have been lots of radio interviews in my Lifestyle correspondent role for Radio Verulam:


And a few BBC3 Counties Radio Interviews too:


I’ve even used a video to sell my book:


So I suppose I have done some video blogs.  But so have the others – I’m up against some tough and great competition.

So if you would like to see more of my face and the fact that I seem to have a much more noticeable lisp than I thought, then:


Get me into the finals, I would be really chuffed!



Weight Loss Tips For Mums

I’m in the Top 100 Weight Loss Blogs: and need a kick up the butt

Weight Loss Tips For Mums
Weight Loss Tips For Mums

I was shocked and chuffed to find that I’m No32 in the Top 100 Weight Loss Blogs!

That’s a list including people like Jenny Craig and ‘proper’ weight loss organisations, so it’s pretty good going.  I’ve even given all my weight loss blog posts a jolly good polish to celebrate.


There is a problem.

I’m feeling a bit of a fraud.

Despite everything I said in my weight loss tips and the fact that I’m writing a blinking book about it.

In the last month or so I’ve tipped back officially into the ‘overweight’ range.


I know how it happened.

I spent much of 2011 thinking I had a bad back, frustrated that I could no longer run (despite being a rubbish runner) or do much exercise and not managing to fix it; add 4 lbs.

After several months with an Osteopath and Physiotherapist I decided to try an Acupuncturist.  Despite knowing that I know about nutrition (heh, I’m listed as one of the Top 100 Food Blogs by Woman and home!), I had lost confidence and listened to him when he said that I wasn’t eating enough; add another 3lbs.

Then I got my diagnosis with Fibromyalgia (pain all over the body), which meant I could no longer run to lose weight, which was my cheat as I’m a rubbish runner.  Plus, I get tired from doing about 1/4 the exercise I used to be able to do.  And I’m now on drugs that help brilliantly with the pain and sleep, but have the side effect of weight gain; add the final 8lbs.

*Hangs Head In Shame* after all I’m meant to know how to do it aren’t I?

Or maybe you will like me a little more to know that I’m not perfect *Looks hopeful*?


Anyway, it’s spring (I’m not keen on New Year), which is a great time for a fresh start ready for the summer.  So I’ve decided it’s time to kick my own rapidly expanding butt.

I may have Fibromyalgia.

It may be difficult.

But I know that my stuff works.

So I’m going to prove it.

I’m going to lose 1 stone 1lb: get back to a healthy weight and lose the muffin top.

It doesn’t matter that I’m doing it AGAIN.

Just that I do it!


I’d love your help?

I’m going to write a weekly diary of my progress; read my blog posts and keep me going because I may need some encouragement when I get Fibro flares and feel depressed and in pain.

Or join in and lose weight too? I’ve got a facebook group for ‘Easy Healthy weight loss’ and a facebook page.

Or tell me your story of how you lost weight against all the odds?


Fancy seeing who else is in the list?

Top 100 Weight loss blogs to follow


An infographic by the team at CouponAudit


Woman and Home Food Bloggers

My ‘Healthy Eating For Rubbish Cooks’ has been featured in Woman and Home Magazine

Woman and Home Food BloggersOk, so don’t choke on your coffee, but I’ve been picked as one of Woman and Home’s BEST FOOD BLOGS!

Yes, I know that’s a bit ironic as I’m a rubbish cook.

And I really hope the other foodies aren’t upset, as I know that food blogging is a serious thing in the UK!

But I’m really chuffed.

It’s because of my features about ‘Healthy Eating For Rubbish Cooks‘.

I must admit that after writing a few background blog posts I got a little distracted.  But I’m back in the game and over the next 6 months I’ll be adding all the basic recipes I use to feed my family in a healthy way, but without any cooking ability or more than 3 ingredients at a time.  (hint hint, subscribe now so that you don’t miss out).


I’m very passionate about teaching people that healthy eating doesn’t have to be as extreme as eating cardboard, that treats are fine in moderation and that diets are NOT necessary when you are eating healthily.

The media only loves an extreme story (normally), so I’m incredibly chuffed that Woman and Home magazine have noticed me, even just a little bit.


I don’t know why chefs have to over complicate things and have more than 3 ingredients in every recipe.  But there is a serious ramification; it puts people who are rubbish off cooking and sends them straight to the ready meal section.

The majority also seem incapable of putting together a meal which actually has healthy proportions of food.  So people aren’t even used to seeing a balanced plate.

Jamie Olivers 15 minute meals are plainly more like an hour for someone as incompetent as me (I do love you though Jamie!).

I thought that maybe Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall might be onto something with ‘3 Good Things’; but that should be called ‘3 Things I wouldn’t want to eat anyway’.

Nigella is gorgeous, but her food would kill me of diabetes and heart attack really quickly.

Oh and don’t get me talking about Annabel Karmel, just note that when she is dolled up to the nines cooking her ‘easy’ meals, there isn’t a toddler clinging to her leg!


So rubbish cooks never fear; I am here and I’m going to get you healthy!

Good Cooks, you might want to check my stuff out anyway; you can always add extra ingredients to make the recipes clever!

And Congrats to all the ‘proper’ cooks in the list!


What is success and failure

Am I a big fat loser?

What is success and failureSo I lost the bid to defend my title from last year in the Small Business Blog award for the Mums and Dads blogging awards *sad face*.

Question is, does that make me a big fat loser?

And therefore all the rest of the people who lost and all those who didn’t get to the finals are losers too?

Sensible people would point out that last year I won, and that I won the BiBs ‘Inspire’ blogging award earlier this year.

Mean people would point out that this means I WAS a success and am no more!


Philosophically I don’t believe that anyone is more successful than me or you.  I believe that we are successful at what suits us most or what we need most, because that is where our focus and priorities go.

So it makes sense that the winner was the very gorgeous Fiona, who has a lovely holiday retreat for families down in cornwall where kids can meet the animals on the farm, because by winning it will help her family business and it will make sure that more families find out about this lovely place to go.  She has shown a lot of focus to use her blog as an entertaining window into her world, and good on her.


I wanted to win to help me with launch or version 2 of my book and the paperback version.  But due to delays I didn’t manage to hit the september deadline anyway.  I remember one of my category last year saying ‘make sure you keep that award on your desk and make the most of it’; and I REALLY did.  But this year I couldn’t have promised the same.


I have been feeling a bit of a failure recently as firstly with the general back pain I found myself slow and lethargic, and then as it became really painful I found myself properly depressed.  I’ve been to an Osteo, Physio, acupuncturist, massage, improved my nutrition, coaching, and aqua aerobics, all with no success.  Ironic as I used to be able fix backs worse than mine within 3 months when I first started as a healer years ago, so I’m getting very frustrated 6 months on.  Add to that loss of childcare, problems with sorting nursery settles, putting on a bit of weight due to the bad back, a reduction in available sponsored posts, some friendship shifts and failing to juggle many balls at all and I was definitely not looking ‘successful’ to me.

Myleene Klass at MADsHowever, I did get to review a holiday in the summer and two festivals, I do have my lovely new monthly slot as a ‘lifestyle correspondent’ for Radio Verulam, I got my V2 of my book edited this time and with a few days of final changes it is ready for the techie bit of publishing, and I have a couple of lovely clients sticking with my lack of availability.  Curly Headed Boy seems settled in the new school despite a slight glitch at the beginning on Yr2, and in a few weeks Little Dimples will hopefully be running into nursery happily.  Oh and the pills from the doctor have reduced the pain.  Plus I got to hug Myleene Klass at the awards ceremony and she is really sweet.


Statistically speaking if you can read and write in this country, you are already in the top 84% of the country.  There were 3000 blogs nominated for the MAD Blog Awards (there are over 4000 in the Tots100) and only 75 finalists, which would put me in the top 2.5% of the blogs.  I bet the bloggers that didn’t get into the top 2.5% are much better at cooking, baking, sewing, crafting and a multitude of things than I am.  I also bet that they wouldn’t give up those things just to be in the top 2.5%.

There are so many ways to measure ‘success’, and often we ignore the things that come easy to us.  For instance a friend of mine considers me a massive success because I had two kids after being told I was ‘barren’ at 19.  She pointed out to me that it wasn’t just the doctor making a mistake, but that I had put a lot of effort into healing my body, and just because it wasn’t with the specific aim of having kids, doesn’t make it any less of a success.  I wouldn’t be without them, in order to be more financially successful.

For some Mums, just getting to London and managing the fear of walking into a room full of opinionated parent bloggers shows massive success.  Plus if they aren’t currently cripppled with wicked back pain then they are leaps and bounds ahead of me!


So do you see what I mean?

When looking at success you need to look at physical health, friendships, kids, family, relationships, financial security, job or job choices, intelligence, mental health, ability to fight back from life’s knocks and sometimes just the ability to get through the day.  Sometimes you are actually looking at the ‘potential’ brewing within them, rather than something that is obvious.

Frankly if you love your kids, are dealing with your problems or asking for help with your problems, and are doing the best you can, then you’ve pretty much cracked it and deserve an award.  If every now and again you find a better way to do things and have a go, then that’s amazing.

Becoming a Mum has brought me back to the basics of life.  I have some big plans, but there are times as a Mum when we need to take each day as it comes and not worry about ‘how’ we will get to the end point.

Just ‘keep on swimming’ as Dory says!

(In the olden days I would be full of deeply metaphysical and philosophical insights and quotes, now I quote ‘Finding Nemo’; just about says it all heh!).


Here’s an award, just for being you!


Everyone is fab


Oh and by the way, thankyou to everyone who did vote for me, I really appreciate it and had a lovely night as a finalist, and thank you to the Tots100 guys for all their hard work!!



OMG guess what I’m a winner after all!!!  This photo of Jessie at Crazy Kitchen and Jen from Britmums/Jenography and the caption ‘What blogging events are all about’ won me a wonderful Nexus7 – thank you so much MADBlogAwards and Asus for picking me!

What bloggers are like!




Joe Browns makes great clothes

Britmums Live: Winning, What I liked, Outfits and a change to WIN SWAG!

Inspire winner of Britmums LiveI WON!

OMG I can’t believe I won the ‘Inspire’ category, partially because of what a lovely title it has and partially because of the amazing women I was up against.  I was sure I had no chance, but a couple of my friends were convinced.  However, when they read out the description of the winner, even my mate shook her head as if to say ‘Oh wel
l, next time’.

“I loved reading this blog and it proved, if proof is needed, the key to a brilliant blog can be as simple as engaging, heartfelt and funny updates. Packed with personality, it is laugh-out-loud funny, which combined with great navigation and an enticing design, makes it a real winner”

Really, what me, ‘Laugh out loud funny’?  That’s one of the nicest things anyone has ever said about my writing, second only to what my fellow finalist Kylie said here (check it out to see her list of the lovely blogs I was up against).

I have to admit I blubbed AGAIN – my only excuse being it was such a surprise and I was just soooooooooo shocked.  So I’d like to do a ‘proper’ acceptance speech now if you don’t mind ….

Thank you so much for this award, it means so much for me to be in this category with such amazing blogs.  I love writing, and I love my readers, because without them I wouldn’t enjoy it as much.  The reason I write my blog is because I think that Mums are incredibly important in our world as we are where everything starts; so we deserve to enjoy ourselves and we deserve help to enjoy ourselves.  Big thank you to the Britmums team for their amazing organisation as always, and to Kids One Stop Shop for sponsoring this category and Carla Buzasi for being the judge (must have been a really tough job).



What Was BritMums Live Like?

discussion dens about online bullying

The thing about conferences like this is I come away with tonnes and also feeling like I missed out on tonnes.

It was a little tricky because I had Little Dimples with me, as she still breastfeeds at lunch and lots in the evening and I’m a rubbish expresser.  Nanny Bets (the little old irish lady I found in Tescos) came to help, and thoroughly enjoyed her day wandering around the hub and holding babies in the quiet room.

From it I could have learnt stuff, met people, and connected to brands, and I’ve come away feeling like I could have done loads more of all three.  To be honest I was distracted by being on the panel for a discussion den on online negativity, having Little Dimples there, and by being a little ‘rabbit in the headlights’ when faced by 500 bloggers, so I’m not sure my strategy to get the most out of it actually existed.

I got to put some faces to twitter ids, and even had a couple of ‘proper’ chats with a few bloggers; BUT there are so many I missed too *sad face*, and some people said they were too nervous to come up and say hi to me.  So I’m telling you all now – ALWAYS come up and say hi to me!

I probably missed lots because I was coming in and out by train, so I didn’t see Ruby Wax, Sarah Brown or the Keynotes.  But I enjoyed the awards ceremony, thought Katy Hill did a brilliant job, and loved Cherry Healy’s talk at the end of Saturday.  Katy insisted that even celebs have cellulite; which makes her fabulous in my eyes! Cherry really underlined how important bloggers are to PR’s and Celebs now a days and I came away with a clearer understanding of how we fit into the bigger picture.

I think it’s a bit difficult to span all experience levels, so a couple of the workshop/panels left me a bit frustrated, but I really enjoyed the Youtube one with Christine Beardsell.  I think that Mum/Parent blogs can be a bit dry, and was disappointed I didn’t get more from the ‘clever parent bloggers’ session on how to avoid this, but Christine’s session inspired me with ways that I could use Youtube as a funny extension of my blog (I already have a  Mummy Whisperer channel); but I’m not giving away my ideas yet, as Cherry told us not to!

I loved being part of the discussion den on online negativity, my summary on ‘Twitter Terriors, Facebook Furies and Blog Bummers’ will be up on the Britmums blog any day now (I’d LOVE some feedback btw) and it meant meeting some big heroes of mine:

  • Claire from a Modern military mother (a fave blog and person of mine who has unfortunately been trolled a LOT)
  • Diane from In the powder room (which I adore and have a secret desire to write for, but never admitted that to her!)
  • Paul from Viapoint (a new hero who I was really looking forward to meeting because he’s learnt loads about the psychology behind online behaviour).

I made a contact in Google who will hopefully resolve my Google-Youtube problem, thus making the whole thing worth going to.  But I must admit I didn’t put much effort into getting swag or making brand connections, which maybe I should have focussed on a bit.

However, I did still get loads of swag, and because of winning and being in a panel I have some duplicates, so see below for your opportunity to get some swag too!

My Feedback To The BritMums Live Team:

– I know you had a butterflies section, but it would be great to have a list of names of who is going, so that I could have been more organised about who I got to see (obviously some people might not want to be openly on the list, which is fine).  OOOOH and make them add pictures you can actually recognise people from!

– It would be great if you could mark sessions as beginning, experienced or advanced to help us choose.

– Could we have a place marked as ‘I’d like to meet other bloggers’ area, for when we are too tired for brands or learning and fancy a chat?

– I know you gave us great maps and agendas, but I’m rubbish with them; could we have HUMUNGOUS signs please saying things like ‘Warner Bros’ (missed them until Sat afternoon!), ‘Meet bloggers here’, the room names, and marking the quiet baby room (a few bloggers with babies missed it).

– I loved the tea, cake, Prosecco, Saturday lunch, and half naked waiters!  The little snacky things on Friday evening were a bit posh for me though.  Your organisation is really slick, and I know that each year it’s going to get better and better.


Joe Browns makes great clothesFor Me To Remember For The Next Thing I Go To


– Read the map!

– Take more time to work out who is going & make a list of people I don’t want to miss

– Take tissues if there is any chance of me blubbing!

– Don’t share trifle with a 2yo – they eat it all!


How Did My OutFit Work Out?

A huge thank you again to Joe Browns who provided my clothes for the conference.  Apart from the fact that I now have several outfits (mix and match you know!) to wear all the time now, it made a big difference to how confident I felt.  (Check out my post beforehand on what to wear to a blogging conference, which explains how come I was lucky enough to get in contact with them).

Loads of people said they liked the clothes, and I felt comfortable, but still pretty.  They also handled the freaky weather, which was cold one minute and hot the next.

Bit thankyou’s to New mum online and Mums gone to for the photo’s!


Britmums Live Blogging conference 2012

Presents for winners of Britmums Live




Now you know how I said I didn’t focus much on getting swag?  Well I still came away with a BIG pile: check out my pile just for attending on the left (and looking at the picture, it’s a shame I missed the session on photography!):

And the pile for the winning on the right (my dentist is going to love me, after all my excuses to not floss my teeth, and having been a hater of crocs I have to admit I’m a changed woman!):







But because I won and was a panelist I have some duplicates, so I thought I’d give all those people who didn’t attend a chance to WIN SOME SWAG?

There’s a lovely atlas from barefoot books, snow dogs DVD, Lego city box, little duple box, and a great game from bananagrams:


Barefoot Books At Britmums Live


So as you are meant to do something in order to win a competition, and I thought I’d ask you to give me some feedback so that I can make my blog better and better for you:

        1. What you’d like to see me write more about.
        2. What you like best/least about my blog
        3. Or What was your favourite post so far


The competition will end next Wednesday 4th July 2012 at midnight and is only open to the UK and Ireland (sorry postage costs!).  You can get extra entries by following me on twitter and my Facebook page.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Radio Verulam Radio Interview

What Happens When You Mix The Mummy Whisperer, Actually Mummy and Verulam Radio Together?

Radio Verulam Radio InterviewIt’s just going to be a little chat between me and Helen from Actually Mummy and Dapper Danny Smith from Radio Verulam; what could go wrong?

First thing to go wrong was Little Dimples projectile vomiting across the kitchen.  Hence massive clean up required and then crossing of fingers that my neighbour would still like a playdate with me and cover the kids while I do the 2 min interview.

Thank god for neighbours who know her well enough to know that she does puke every now and again (or who needed that glass of wine more than they were worried about bugs – thanks T!).

Second thing to go wrong is Little Dimples producing a nappy full to the brim 10 minutes before take off.

Next less than wise option was the glass of wine to ‘settle my nerves’!

But I make it and I’m there 5 minutes beforehand as agreed and there’s no Helen and no Dan ….. don’t panic Lisa!

Technical issues resolved just in time, the next surprise is I’m assuming it’s being recorded and then ‘fiddled with’ before going live.  No idea why, it was just my assumption because we were on Skype and I’ve done a couple of similar things before.  However there’s Dan on Skype saying ‘And ladies we’ll be going live in 1.5mins, now don’t swear; I’ve heard about you!’. Oh dear!

What follows is a classic Mummy Blogger interview, starting with one of the best lines from Helen ‘Well it’s a bit like radio isn’t it’; uhm yes it would be wouldn’t it Helen (anyone would have thought she’d been on the wine, not me!).

I did manage to plug our fellow St Albans Bloggers also in the national MAD Blogging Awards: Dorkymum and All Baby Advice without a hitch (I hope anyway) and ask for votes as subtly as possible (maybe not that subtle actually).  (voting still open until June 6th at 5pm hint hint!)

Then we proceeded to encourage Dan to become a stalker and write a blog about all the people he sees when sitting in coffee shops (which he appears to do A LOT!).  With both of us talking at the same, poor old Dan ends up calling me Helen, but at least I didn’t call her Dan ;o)

Fancy a listen?

12 minutes later and it’s all over; the longest interview I’ve done so far, but over in a flash (thanks again for holding the fort so quietly downstairs T!).  A big thank you to Dan and Radio Verulam for being so supportive of us and letting us plug the MAD Blog Awards.  Lets hope St Albans has a clean sweep and we all win; if not at least there will be wine!

I’ve loved this years awards.  Last year I was all alone.  This year there are tonnes of us up for BiBs awards (Brilliance in Blogging) and four for the MADs.  The ceremonies are going to be masses of fun, and it’s been so great to have help getting votes from the others.  So I’d also like to thank Ruth from DorkyMum for sorting out some newspaper coverage for us at Herts Advertiser for the MADs and who ever sorted the story in St Albans People.

I’m off to cross all my fingers and toes!



I need five minutes of your time for an itsy bitsy vote!

Inspire Finalist

Guess What?!!!!!!!

I’ve been jumping up and down for the last couple of weeks because I’ve reached the finals in TWO, yes that’s the TWO main parent blogging competitions this year.

Thank you to everyone who nominated me!

The first is the ‘BiBs’ or Brilliance in Blogging run by Britmums.  I’m up for the ‘Inspire’ category, and thankfully just have to sit back with all my fingers and toes crossed for the next few weeks until the BritMums Live blogging conference.


Mum and Dad Blog Awards 2012

But I need your help with the second!  This is for the MADs ‘Mums and Dads Blogging Awards‘ run by the Tots100 and hosted by Parentdish.

I’m defending my title as Small Business Blog and really need your votes as I’m up against some great blogs.


Click here to vote for me!


Winning last year really helped my blog take off, so winning again would be a huge bonus.  The more things like this that happen, the more I ‘get out there’ and can help Mums who aren’t enjoying their lives right now.

Plus I’ve realised that I kind of feel like last year was a fluke, but if I won this year it would be a massive confidence booster!


Whilst you are at it, some of you might not know many blogs, so can I give you a little hint of 3 other great blogs, and friends of mine for St Albans also up for a vote?  I wouldn’t suggest them if I didn’t think that they are great!


All Baby Advice – Mirka has just had a new baby and so is up for best baby blog.  I love her blog because it talks about raising bi-lingual kids

Actually Mummy – the lovely Helen writes a fab blog from the perspective of her eight year old daughter and is up for the school days blog.

Dorky Mum – Ruth is a new blogger who is unusual in that she talks about politics and is up for the best new blog

Thank you from all of us!



Why I’m so chuffed to be nominated in two blogging awards (Plus I need your votes!!!)

I’m extra mega chuffed today.

Last week I found out I’d been nominated for the BiBs (BritMums Brilliance In Blogging Awards) for ‘Inspire’ AND ‘Outstanding’; which are rather wonderful things to be nominated for. (vote here)

Now I’ve found that I’m also nominated to defend my title as ‘Best Small Business Blogger’ in the MADs (Mum And Dad Blogging Awards from Tots100 and Parentdish)  AND also as  ‘Helpful Blogger’; which again are lovely things to be nominated for. (vote here) (if you want ideas for which other blogs to vote for see here).

I’ve asked people if this is ‘greedy’ to be lucky enough to be nominated in both.  But apparently it’s not, so I’m just going to enjoy the whole ride!

So what happens next?

UK Mummy Blogging AwardsNow I nag plead request politely that you also nominate me in both.

Because what happens is that they will draw up a shortlist from the nominations, which can be voted on for the final award.

(Yes, that does mean if I’m lucky enough to hit a short list I’ll be politely requesting your assistance again – but remember how much you love me, right?).

Why have two lots of awards you might ask?  Well in fact there are even more as well, but these are the ones that I have my heart set on.

What’s lovely about having two sets of awards is that when I nominated for the Bibs, I couldn’t nominated everyone that I love, because many of my favourites were up against each other.  Having the MADs means that I can now vote for them.  So this is perfect!

So if you are in the same boat and have friends in some of the sections that I’m nominated for – no worries – vote for them in one and me in the other!!!

Does it really make a difference if you win an award.  OMG yes, I have to say that for me it made the most amazing difference last year.

In between being shortlisted for the MADs and the awards ceremony, I needed to focus on something so I wrote and published my book ‘The Mummy Whisperers Six Steps To A Sparkling You and Enjoying Being A Mum‘, which is only 89p, you can read it without a Kindle, and it’s been in the Top100 for Mothering on Amazon ever since.  I think it was the nomination that gave me the confidence to get my butt in gear and get my book out there.

Its also enabled me to start monetising my blog; I’m not talking millions here, I’m talking about paying for the costs of my business and therefore taking a little bit of the strain off my shoulders so that I could keep writing.

I’m planning to release the paperback version of my book in the next couple of months, plus by the end of the year ‘The Busy Mums Guide To Losing Weight Without Diets And Bootcamps’.

Winning will help loads with my books, and therefore help me help many more mums.

So please nominate me for the Bibs in their Inspire and Outstanding categories, and for the MADs in their Small Business and Helpful categories.

And I will love you forever!!!