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6 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was Diagnosed With Fibromyalgia

I have just been voted one of the top 60 blogs globally (29th!) – how lovely is that! It made me think – what do I wish someone had told me 13yrs ago when I was first diagnosed?

So I came up with these top 6 tips, that would have saved me a lot of heart ache, money, pain & stress, so that someone new can learn from my many, many, many mistakes!

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  1. Healing Takes Energy –
    You need to rest, so that your body can use energy to heal. Please don’t feel guilty about this!
  2. Embrace Gentle Living –
    If you slip back into the hustle & old habits, it’s going to get worse. Life may not be the same again, but it could actually be better!
  3. Pain & Fatigue Are On A Range –
    Even if you can’t be symptom free, your pain & fatigue levels can be improved gradually (or sometimes fast)
  4. Easy Journaling Is The Key To Managing Your Symptoms & Moving Forwards –
    Don’t spend too much money on outside options like doctors, healers, therapy & supplements, until you have empowered yourself & tapped into your own intuition more by using journaling (check out my free guide to easy journaling here)
  5. Circulation Is Key –
    Keep drinking water, breathing and moving your body as best you can, as it will help with everything. Even making sure other areas of your life don’t become stagnant is important. I use Far Infrared, especially when bed ridden (see my reviews for more info: The mat and The cocoon)
  6. Don’t Feel Guilty For ‘Attracting’ It Into Your Life –
    Mindset is helpful, especially with (3), but it won’t fix the Fibro, it takes more than thinking positively to fix it! You do not need to add to everything else by feeling guilty for ‘attracting’ it into your life (which is actually a complete misunderstanding of the science and energy around it).

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What do you wish someone told you when you were diagnosed with Fibromyalgia / ME / CFS or another chronic health condition? #spooniesoftiktok #fibromyalgiatips #awardwinningblogger #whatiwishiknewaboutfibromyalgia

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Would you include something else? Or disagree with any of my points? I’d love to know.

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