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I Love Awards

Everyone is fab

Everyone is fab

I love awards – some people are OK knowing that they are fab, but I must admit I like to be told!  I’m much better than I was when I was younger, and I can do some self-patting on the back now; which is healthy I think.  But to get an award is lovely.

We had a tough week at the salon this week; we made some awfully difficult decisions now that we know more about our market and restructured letting 5 people go and bringing 1 person in.  The team has really come together since then and we are really proud of them.  So it was great last night to announce our new monthly awards for the team; we’ve got 1 for rebookings (the bread and butter statistic) and 1 for excellence (for people who really embrace the ethos of the salon).

So I have a bit of a favour to ask of you:  I’ve been nominated for a blogging award by Candis, a great magazine in their parenting category.  I’d love to win because I love getting awards, and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!  But also it would mean we would win a subscription to their magazine, which would be perfect for the salon.

So please vote for me before the 15th of December [Here] in their parenting category!

And please ask everyone you’ve ever met, in the whole of your life to vote for me (because that wouldn’t be annoying at all!).

Thank you!
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    1. Ahh the lovely thing about being against you, is that I’ll be happy if I lose, as long as you win! Crossing fingers for us both!

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