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Top Tips For Rosacea (red skin on the face)

Easy ways to beautiful skin

Easy ways to beautiful skinI’ve got that typical Bristolian healthy pink cheek look, which along with my curly hair and mighty 5ft 4 1/2 inches, does have the tendency to make me look like a hobbit.

The problem is that those pink cheeks can easily descend into Rosacea, especially in the early years when I didn’t know much about it.


Now a days I manage my skin so well that no one would know how difficult it is, so I thought I’d share my top tips:

1) Avoid highly perfumed products

2) Be careful of aromatherapy products

3) Don’t let your skin get dry, always use moisturiser

4) Drink water

5) Limit your alcohol intake and DON’T binge drink

6) Limit the spicy foods

7) There are cover ups that can work well, like a yellow stick I once had from Benefit, I didn’t get on with the green tinted ones.

8) Always use SPF

9) If you go for thread vein removal, don’t scrimp, make sure you go to a highly experienced person, not just a beauty salon


10) Buy Paraben Free face products.


I went from using loads of cover up on my face to just a tinted moisturiser after realising the affect of Parabens on my face.  Which saves time and gave me loads more confidence.

I’ve used Ren (Wash and moisturiser) and Arbonne (makeup), which are not terribly expensive, but not cheap either.

When my husband was made redundant I tweeted asking for advice about cheaper options (I’m so sorry I can’t remember the lovely beauty blogger that replied to me), and the guys at Purity sent me a big bag of stuff to try.  It has a morning range and an evening range, the combination of which really suited my skin and best of all the pots are only £4-£6.  You can buy it online or from Superdrug.  I’m not sure it would work for skin over 45, that might depend on you.  But I reckon it would cover teens to 45 easily.

I see so many Mums with Rosacea who don’t protect their skin and obviously don’t know that they could make a massive difference if they changed the products that they use.  It’s a shame because it must really dent their confidence levels and it’s not necessary.

So don’t put up with Rosacea and spending hours on cover up; just use products with less in them,

I’d love to know what you think or if you’ve tried anything that helped?

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9 thoughts on “Top Tips For Rosacea (red skin on the face)

  1. Thanks for this Lisa, I have had dreadful redness on the tip of my nose for over a year now… Chinese medicine the nose is linked to the heart….but I don’t know what is triggering it so brightly red….diet, love, purpose or simply roscea.
    I will look at the products you mention GXX

    1. Hmm I didn’t know about the nose and the heart Grace, that’s interesting. You’ve had a big change in diet over the last year – any chance it could be red wine? ;o)

  2. Thanks for this, I’ve suffered with rosacea for a couple of years now and nothing the doctors give me has ever helped, so I have to resort to simply covering rather than curing. The problem I have is that I *was* using a good moisturiser and a mineral powder which gave good coverage and wasn’t too heavy, but all of the mineral powders seem to have disappeared off of the shelves, other than online brands which are pretty expensive. I find that just about every liquid foundation dries my skin, no matter how much I prep if first with moisturiser, and primers made the dryness worse.

    I’ll definitely be having a look at the brands you recommended, I can use all the help I can get!

  3. Let me know how you do Jayne. I did see one brand in boots the other day with a mineral powder, I think it’s called UNO (but don’t buy the mineral foundation – that was rubbish & went straight in the bin). Apart from that, like you I just saw a starter box for £45, which I would then have had to replace online, which I didn’t want to do.

  4. Sorry late with the comment. For those that don’t know…
    Hobbits create homely homes for living in, there is little or no magic about them, except the ordinary everyday sort and have good natured faces (all excepts from Tolkeins “The Hobbit”
    And I heartily agree 😉
    -> I live with the fairest of hobbits who creates a fantastic family home and has everyday magic.

    By some quirk of life one of my nicknames was “Strider” so I guess I always was going to be looking out for little folk and ensuring they reach their destiny!

  5. I also suffer from roscea and have visited numerous makeup counters. I have been given several green concealers and yellow powders to calm the redness down which at first does make a difference, when freshly applied, but just doesn’t last very long or at all – depending on whether or not I am having a good skin day or not. Will definitely try the products you recommended – I have heard about Ren products before so will be sure to ask the shop assistant when I’m next in Boots or Superdrug.


    1. Yep, those yellow and green concealers didn’t help me much either. I just saw another paraben free brand called ‘Balance me’ from ocado/waitrose which I’m going to try out at some point. But it’s more the same price as the REN stuff, whereas the Purity stuff is a great price.

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