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Review of The Lorax And Little Frankie And Benny’s

Face Paint Of The Lorax

Review of The Lorax

The Lorax By Dr Seuss

Last weekend I felt really chuffed because due to my blogging I was able to give the family a big treat.

First we went to see the family premier of ‘The Lorax’ by Dr Seuss.  I was unsure as I’ve never been convinced by Dr Seuss (I just don’t get what ‘one fish, two fish, blue fish, red fish’ is about!), so I haven’t read many of his books.  But the opportunity for face painting, balloon modelling and seeing a 3D film convinced me, so off we went.

Curly Headed Boy (6yo) was TRANSFIXED from beginning to end.  It’s a great story with really useful themes about taking care of the environment and trees, plus the power of marketing to make people buy anything including air.  Also he loves music, especially when it has a lot of guitar in it and there was loads of it in the film

Little Dimples (2yo) slept through out (how does she do that!), and couldn’t be convinced to wear the glasses.

I’ve always wanted to know what happens if you go to a 3D film without the glasses?  Well its all fuzzy, that’s what happens!  I’m not convinced about 3D; there were a couple of bits that were noticeable, but really it just made my eyes hurt a bit by the end of it.

I’ll definitely be getting the film when it comes out on DVD (but not 3D) and really recommend going to see it when it appears in the cinema’s on 27th July and am predicting a big rush on Dr Seuss collections and fluffy orange toys at Christmas.



So we did buy the DVD and I’m really glad we did.  Little Dimples may have slept through the cinema, but she now ADORES this film and watches it on the walk back from the school run every day.  She cries everytime the Lorax goes away and every time he comes back; which she doesn’t do for any of the traditional Disney films.  This story has really touched her heart.

Meanwhile Curly Headed Boy has now got a whole collection of Dr Seuss books, which is great for his reading; I’m really glad that we discovered Dr Seuss, having missed it in my childhood.

I’m amazed how old the book is and how forward thinking Dr Seuss was with his message about marketing and looking after the planet.  If you are looking for a film that has a great message for your kids that they also enjoy, this is definitely it.


Face Paint Of The Lorax

Frankie and Benny’s

So very contented, orange and excited we went off to a Little Frankie and Benny’s near Leicester Square on Whitehall Road, because we’d been sent a voucher to review them.

It was PACKED with tables about 1cm apart from each other, but then it was a ‘Little’ Frankie and Benny’s.

The kids had hot dogs which they enjoyed.  There is actually a Kids and a Junior menu which is really sensible financially.  But Little Dimples always wants want Curly Headed Boy has, so I couldn’t try that out!

They gave big glasses of apple juice which I thought was good because often you pay ridiculous amounts for a small children’s glass.  Plus they then brought me a small glass for my daughter, so that she wasn’t trying to drink from the big one.

The big hairy northern one ordered from the specials menu which I thought was good value to have 2 courses for £10.95.  Apparently he was sent the wrong wrap though, but there was no fuss and they stuck to the deal.

I had the scampi, which I’m always a fan off, and it was lovely with the cracked pepper.  I would have liked some peas or greenery with it; maybe I’ve been to too many Little Chef’s as a child!  I ordered a plain salad, but it came covered in sauce.  I’m sure they would have changed it, but I was hungry.

The kids loved their pancakes with ice cream, and hubby had a crumble.  My cheesecake was ok, but not worth finishing for the calories ;o)  There was something missing from the kids meals, so they gave us chocolate buttons.

Basically if you are looking for quick, family oriented, with really good service and friendly staff, then the Little Frankie and Benny’s on Whitehall Road is great.  I’m not a big foodie, and am pretty sure that connoisseurs wouldn’t be keen, but it works for a family and there are plenty of options (you can see their menus online and check it out).



Have you ever been to a Frankie and Benny’s?  I hear that some are not as good as others, so I’d love to know (you are welcome to link your blog posts if you wrote about it).

Are you a fan of Dr Seuss or like me did you not ‘get it’?  If you go and see the film, please do let me know what you thought.

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