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Canvas Pictures

Canvas PicturesGreat canvas pictures of the family


I know that shopping for Mums, Dads, Grandparents or Photographers is difficult, so I reckon you’re going to love this idea; Photos on canvas.

I love having photos of the family around; I think it reminds us of happy times when we are exhausted and it stops me from panicking that I’ve forgotten about their childhood because I have a regular reminder.  Normally I go for framed photo’s though.

The big hairy northern one is getting quite good at his landscape photography now a days too, and we’ve been looking for a place to print a couple of them off as pictures for our lounge and kitchen, but many options were really expensive.


A couple of days ago I received the MOST GORGEOUS canvas print of this picture of Little Dimples at the Jubillee from Hello Canvas.


I know their canvases are good because a few years ago the big hairy northern one ordered one for his work, which looks nice, but hasn’t really kept the lovely colours of the original picture.  I must admit I thought it was a bit of a waste of money.  When I said yes to Hello Canvas it was more because then it would be fair to have canvas pictures of both of the kids on the wall together.


Ironically it is so good that I’ve had to go and order another one myself of Curly Headed Boy with his Lorax face painting on, because even he said ‘Why is her picture better than mine?’; out of the mouthes of babes heh!

(That happens to me a lot with the free things I get to review.  I normally charge to review, but if it’s something I want I’ll waive the fee.  I’m going to have to start charging a ‘your stuff is too nice to review and will make me go shopping afterwards’ fee!).


The good news is the price!  The HUGE (probably a bit too big) one they sent us was 20×28 inches and is only £29.  If you wanted a big one of the family, that would be great, or if you have a gorgeous photo you’d like printed for your wall, then it would be a good size.

Otherwise I’d definitely go for a smaller one.

I think they make perfect presents for family and loved ones.


I’d love to know if you like having photos around the house?  Have you tried these types of canvas prints, or do you prefer an electronic photo frame that rotates through lots of pictures?


I love hearing what people think about my posts!