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What I am wearing to Britmums Live 2012

Outfit for a blogging conference


Are you worried about what to wear to a blogging conference?


My main tip is to remember:

There will be cooler better looking people than you.

There will be people worse dressed than you.

There will be fatter and slimmer people than you.


So all you have to do is:

Feel comfortable.

Be able to adapt to different weather and temperature.

Dress like you; because one of the points of a conference is that people want to meet you face to face and get to know you better.

I’m off to BritmumsLive 2012 tomorrow – fancy seeing what I’m wearing?

My outfit has been mainly given to me by the lovely Joe Browns.  Why did they give me an outfit you might ask?  Well because about a year ago I raved about a gorgeous coat they had and was seen by Best British bloggers who work with them.  They kindly sent me the coat for a competition, plus a pretty blue top as a reward for me.  This obviously got me shopping for myself for the coat!  So I asked if they fancied sending me an outfit for BritMumsLive and they said ‘yes’ – yay!  Obviously again this has inspired me to go on their site and do another shop.  I’m beginning to wonder whether it’s all a sneaky plan to make me buy even more of their stuff!

I love the Joe Browns stuff because it’s pretty without being insipid, and slightly boho, thus appealing to my tree-hugging side.  Most importantly they make lots of long tunics that cover my pear shaped bottom!

I’m not sure which order I’m going to wear things with, but I think it will be this outfit for tomorrow and the announcement of the awards:

Outfit for blogging conference


Plus a burgundy cardigan from last year from Monsoon, one of my many scarves (I go nowhere without one), a bag from next, old gold pumps from Sainsburies, and sparkly high heals from Next from last year.  (I actually bought the leggings and coat from Joe Browns myself, as they could only offer me £75 from their monthly budget to cover both outfits).


Then I think that I’ll wear this outfit on the Saturday:

Outfit for a blogging conference


Plus the same handbag from next, red pumps (or maybe red heals), tights if it’s cold, and not sure about a coat.  (I bought the bracelet myself)


What do you think of the outfit?  I’m aiming for comfy and pretty, whilst giving me a bit of confidence?


Hopefully those of you going now know my face and my outfit, so you’ll come and say ‘hello’ and not leave me like billy no mates in a corner?

I’m helping on the panel of the discussion den for ‘online secrets and lies’ on Saturday at 12.20 – hope to see you there to hear about how to deal with ‘Twitter Terriers, Facebook Furies and Blog Bummers’.


Big thank you to Nickie from Typecast for inspiring me to write this blog post and play with Picassa rather than do all my To Do’s this morning!

Thank you to Joe Browns for providing me with the majority of my outfit for the two days!

Feel free to add links to your outfits below too.


17 thoughts on “What I am wearing to Britmums Live 2012

  1. Love the top outfit, especially the dress with the denim jacket, just the ticket – not so keen on the leggings (just because I never wear leggings) – any chance to get a picture of your shoes?

    1. Thanks lovely.
      Funnily enough I’m thinking of replacing the leggings with Jeans – I’ll make my mind up in the morning.
      I don’t have pictures of the shoes because they are so old, and I’m behind on my to do’s so can’t get sorted to take photos tonight. But I promise to take photos of the finished outfits and let you know all about what I thought about Britmums live really early next week.

  2. That all looks pretty perfect to me. And some great advice. It’s frustrating that people think that the linky is all about showing off and high fashion when it’s just about being able to get an idea about what is ‘normal’ for people to wear- if you’ve never been- or what people are wearing so that you can identify them a little easier.

    1. @TwinsTiarasandTantrums yes, this is what I wore last year – I’m either wearing this or my festival outfit! It would be lovely to meet up with you – make sure you come and say hi when you see me!

  3. Ooo these are lush – and they’ll suit you perfectly! Great tips too – especially the one about adapting to temp, I always overheat at these things and therefore avoid anything that clings under arm as I know the warmth and the nerves will make me sweat!

    1. You looked gorgeous in what you picked @Jen – there’s a great photo of us on my britmumslive review post!

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