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The Power of making a cushion!

my Handmade cushion

I love synchronicity!

I was just leaving Radio Verulam a couple of months ago when I saw a sign for ‘Homespun Living’ and thought ‘Oh that’s a small business I should contact to see if I can help’ (check out my tips for small businesses).  As soon as I got home, there was an email from Helen asking if I’d like to review her course on ‘How to use your sewing machine’!

So a couple of weeks ago I appeared in her classroom, very nervous, along with 4 other women.  I was having flashbacks of the shirt I made that was so bad that the cat peed on it, and the disgusting dress that was like torture to wear!

But I came home with THE MOST GORGEOUS CUSHION and full of too many ideas of things that I want to make now.

I’ve realised that it is like sport vs exercise; we exercise for fun and health, not because we are good at it.  I’m going to start doing more crafty stuff because it is good for my health in a Zen like way, not because I’m any good at it!


my Handmade cushion
The most gorgeous cushion in the world!

Top Tips

My sewing machine was pants, it didn’t have a ‘go slow’ option at all, in fact it scared the living daylights out of me everytime it started.  You are looking to spend £120 or so, not £60!  (It’s my birthday in a month – yay!).

Dress fabric will wash, but fades for curtains.

Curtain fabric is dry clean only, but could be used for a dress.

Have wonderful scissors, and NEVER use them on paper.

I now chant “Foot Down, Needle Down, Peddle Down”!

Youtube and blogs are your friend!  I’ve pinned a pile of easy things to make here.


Does it save money?

Handmade with love
Handmade with love

It can definitely actually cost you more in the end, as now material etc can be quite expensive.  You need to be discerning about what you think about making.

It’s more about getting exactly what you want really.

I think that if you have expensive taste, then you can copy expensive styles and save money that way.

It’s great if you want something specific too.  Many older women are constantly furious about the lack of sleeves in dresses, and this would be a great option.  I like tunics, but find them hard to come by (I like my bum covered), so I might try making myself one.

For me it will save money in bags and boxes – I can now make as many as I like and keep my little heart satisfied!

I’m also planning on making curtains and cushions for the kids playhouses, and I have some ideas for really cheap but cute presents for people.  It will also save some money on a big secret project I am working on.

Knitting definitely doesn’t save money, unless you are making a jumper that would cost over £100 when you bought it.


Other Courses

She also offers some other courses that I really fancy like the one to make pyjamas and one to make children’s fancy dress; you know those panic evenings when we get short notice to make a camel!

Helen is lovely, so if you have ever thought of getting your head around your sewing machine, then I can highly recommend her!

If you aren’t within 30mins of St Albans, then have a look around.  This is the one big silver lining behind the recession; little companies like Helen’s are popping up all over the place to help you find your creative side.


Disclosure: I attended Helen’s course for free, but that doesn’t affect my opinion


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  1. What a lovely pillow, beautiful fabric. Being creative is so refreshing. Glad you are going in that direction. It makes life so much more fulfilling. XOXOX

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