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How To Enjoy The School Holidays


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  • Worried about maintaining your sanity over the school holidays?
  • Not sure how you will tackle the work-life balance?
  • Stressed about money and how you’ll afford to have fun?
  • Wondering if the kids will survive without killing each other?
  • Or if you will survive without eating lots of chocolate and hiding in a dark room?
  • Most of all scared you’ll look back on a holiday you didn’t get to make the most of?


Argh, the school holidays are upon us and I’m not sure quite how to manage the work-kids juggle and make sure that at the end of it I really feel that I’ve had the best holidays ever.  Are you the same?  Then join my free 6 day online course, for tips to make sure we all have awesome holidays this year!

Here is my Facebook live announcement about it, which will give you a good idea as to how I work:


  • Each morning there will be a Facebook live video with the theme for the day.
  • There will be a PDF summary and some exercises/activities for you to do.
  • There will also be the opportunity for a live Q&A one evening during the 6 days


  • Don’t worry if you can’t keep up, you can work at your own pace
  • This isn’t about games/things to do with the kids – there are loads of useful resources on what to do with them, but we may very well have a brainstorming chat in the Facebook group for ideas.
  • You don’t need lots of money or time to make the most of the school holidays

The aim is to make sure that we can all have the best possible holidays with our kids, and look back to a time of happy memories and as few squabbles as possible (this is real life – I can’t promise you none!), without being in debt until Christmas.

– Day 1 – How to tackle our limitations and set a more positive mindset for the holidays (this is the most intensive and important of the days)
– Day 2 – Make a plan
– Day 3 – Get some more energy
– Day 4 – Prepare the house for the chaos
– Day 5 – Make a budget
– Day 6 – Remember the sparkle!


I’m really excited to run this course for you and so looking forward to hearing your stories of your more enjoyable school holidays!

If at the end of this course you decide that you would like to go more deeply into the Law of Attraction, the the ‘Happier Mums use the Law of Attraction‘ 6 week course is available to you.  I also run several other free online courses which I run throughout the year and a best selling book ‘Six steps to a sparkling you and enjoying your life more‘.  To work more in-depth with me there are 1to1’s and my mastermind group.

Please see my main site for more detailed information.

Instructions July 2017

Step 1: Join my Facebook group ‘Create your dream life with the MummyWhisperer’

Step 2: Like my page and set notifications to ‘first’ so you don’t miss anything

Step 3: Watch any of my videos and set Facebook to notify you when I go live.

Step 4: Share with your friends – that will both help you to have people to chat to about the course, but also help them.

Step 5: I’ll post in the group what time the videos will be – mark them in your diary, but you can always catch them later, it’s not important to be live.  I will try to load the videos up as soon as possible and keep the files organised, so that you can find everything if you get behind.

Step 6: Interact in the group – ask questions, let people know how you are doing, comment on videos.  The more you interact, the more you will get from the course.