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I love the idea of being the best at something

augmented reality 3D book

It’s not that I’m ambitious; or maybe I am.  But I love the idea of being the best at something. I was always a ‘generalist’ at school.  A bit of a geek, good at everything, but not ‘the best’ at anything, so that’s probably where it comes from. I think this is why I love […]

What do Thomson, Guinness World Records, Whipsnade and Luton A&E have in common?

Thomson the dog

What do Thomson Family holidays, the Guiness Book of Records and Whipsnade zoo have in common? And how come did we end up in A&E  in Luton with Little Dimples? Well we got invited to a blogging event at Whipsnade Zoo hosted by Thomsons and Guinness Book of World Records during half-term. The timing was […]