Competition To Win An Amazing Joe Browns Coat: You don’t get if you don’t ask!

I am so chuffed about this competition to win a gorgeous Joe Browns Navajo Coat worth £89.95; just look at that gorgeous lining, which will flash every time you walk or put it on and off.  This coat says ‘I’m happy to stand out, I’m gorgeous, I’m sparkly, I’m bored of being dull’, ‘I might be a Mum, but I’m also a person in her own right’.

When I go on the school run, I’m one of a huge number of black quilted sausages walking up and down the school drive.  Curly Headed Boy’s school has it’s own weird micro-climate which means that it’s always a couple of degrees colder by the school than anywhere else in Hertfordshire, so there is sense in the sausages.  There is one lone Mum in a red quilted sausage!  But even when the weather is good, Mums seem to navigate towards boring dull coats, in dull boring colours and dull shapeless shapes.

Why?  In the few seconds it takes to put on a coat, you can give yourself a massive pick me up straight away.

So next time you catch yourself in a shop window or the mirror of a lift, one of you lucky ladies is going to look fabulous in a Joe Browns coat (sizes 8-18 available).  I hope that those of you who don’t win will consider your next coat purchase more carefully, and just push the boundaries a little.

This coat has taught me a couple of valuable lessons, and made me think through a lot about Mummy Blogging in general.  I have been getting a Joe Browns catalogue for a while, but had never bought anything as I’d been waiting until my weight loss stabilised.  Then I fell in love with their coats and cheekily tweeted did anyone fancy giving me one.  To my surprise I got a reply from the lovely ‘Best British Bloggers‘ – OMG!  So this definitely proves that if you don’t ask you don’t get, and over the last couple of months I’ve been thinking more about my blog and what I would ask for it to achieve and do.

Ironically at the same time a big (rather typical) argument kicked off in the mummy blogging world, with people accusing other bloggers of being blaggers, blah blah blah.  I wrote a post about how important it is to realise that we are all blaggers in our own way, somewhere or other, and that it’s important to not ignore it but ‘use your blagging for good’.  Some people really got it.  Others didn’t, they just wanted to be sure that no one ever considered them a blagger, and didn’t see that I was saying that as long as you are giving a fair deal to your readers, the PR, the company and yourself, then blagging is a really useful quality to use sometimes.

Was it cheeky of me to ask for a Joe Browns coat; yes, thats why I consider myself a ‘blagger’.  But was it without fair reason? I don’t think so.  I’ve been blogging since 2009, I’ve won a national UK blogging award, my stats are above average, I’ve put in the hours and the posts.  Although they offered me the coat, I quickly decided that it was fairer for them to give it away as a competition because they will get more views that way.  Luckily for me they then sent me a top, which is gorgeous.  Which is especially lucky as with the Big Northern Hubby being made redundant I wasn’t going to be able to buy myself my promised stash of Joe Browns stuff.

Expect a lot more ‘blagging’ from me over the next couple of months, because the practicalities are that I need to change my priorities, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t be still getting great posts.  My book is out there and written now (only 99p remember, and you can read it on a computer, phone, iPad or Kindle!).  Now I need to cover my fixed costs, my variable costs and the cost of childcare, and that is not a small number.  If I can’t cover the cost, I won’t blog; end of.  Luckily for me, the mummy blogging world is also full of very kind women who have come to my aid over the last couple of weeks and taught me so much.  So my chances of bringing in some money have improved massively; thank you so much ladies!

Back to the competition.  I’m using one of those cute Rafflecopter widgets.  You have to enter a comment, and then click the button to say that you’ve done it.  I’d like a comment about the worst or best coat you’ve ever worn, or why you love Joe Browns stuff please.  You can then increase your entries if you wish by liking Facebook pages and following on twitter etc.

The closing date is Thursday Dec 15th at midnight – any entries after then will not count – and the results will be released first thing on Friday 16th.  I will need your address really quickly, to make sure that your coat is sent out on the 16th or 19th of December.