Problem Corner – How to ask for help when you have been self-sufficient?

  I’m so glad that this regular reader of my blog has asked this question, partially because she ACTUALLY asked and partially because it’s brilliant. How DO you ask for help, when you’ve been self-sufficient and looking after yourself for 60yrs? ¬† But at the same time helping others and helping your community? Here is her full question: I have […]

Chatting with Iain Lee on BBC3C Radio about Mum’s ages – Is it selfish to be older

The other day I was on BBC3 Counties Radio chatting to Iain Lee about wether you are ever to old to be a Mum. Check us out here:   I’m and ‘older mum’ Living in Hertfordshire means that there are lots of ‘older mums’. ¬†Whereas when I fell miraculously pregnant with Curly Headed Boy at 36 I was considered ‘geriatric’ […]