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If We Were All Gorgeous, How Boring Would That Be!

It was with great surprise that I realised that deep, deep, deep inside my inner recesses, I had assumed that a world where everyone was beautiful would be great (especially me!), and there was a touch of judgement on people who didn’t ‘make an effort’.  I didn’t know that I thought this until I watched ‘Surrogates’ the other day on DVD (it has Bruce Willis in it, so I had to watch it due to the husband type person I live with).

‘Surrogates’ is all about a world where people can sit at home, and experience world through these perfect looking surrogate bodies – like plastic surgery air brushed.  As the film went on it was actually a relief to see ‘normal’ people, quite a weird feeling.  It shows how horrid and boring it would be if we could all look ‘perfect’.  I’ve often thought that gorgeous people where a little bland; not in character, just in looks (sorry to any really gorgeous people reading this, but your faces tend to be a little ‘samey’).  But this film proved it, because you actually find the big, fat, sweaty geek guy more attractive to look at.

So next time I look in the mirror and squint critically, I can remember that actually it is our imperfections that make the world interesting to look at;  and next time I see a slightly fat, sweaty guy I can think ‘thank god, for that’!  If you ever worry about what you look like at home, in the supermarket, in the school car park or that you generally don’t fit in, watch this film and hopefully you will come away understanding that you really are gorgeous, because if you did ‘fit in’, the world would be a more tedious, boring, stressful (I hate being bored) place.

But don’t worry, gorgeous readers, I’m not suggesting that we would want a world without you either.  It would also be potentially boring if there weren’t any ‘perfect’ people.  Partially, because there’d be no one to lust after in the films, and loads of other reasons that I’m not going to go into today.  Plus, on the days when I think ‘Ok, so I don’t want everyone to be perfect looking, but I could do with being a little more perfect’, it doesn’t take long before the reality kicks in.  I don’t really want to make the extreme effort of living up to other people’s expectations, and I don’t need to worry about losing my looks as I age.  There are loads of things which are a great deal easier and simpler, if you don’t stand out just because of your looks and I do get that.

What do you reckon?  Maybe I don’t appreciate what it would be like if everyone was beautiful, because I wasn’t born with one of those perfectly symmetrical faces, flawless skins and straight cute noses?

Right off to powder my shiney nose ;o)

4 thoughts on “If We Were All Gorgeous, How Boring Would That Be!

  1. Strange how films can make such an impact on one.

    I agree with you, if everybody was beautiful, how on earth would everybody stay faithfull to their partner? 🙂

    1. @Blackhuff – LoL, yep that’s what I was thinking, but didn’t say!

      @Grace – anyone mentioned Madonna and Kate Moss to you?! The only people who would worry about a gap in the teeth are people who don’t like their own teeth. For example, David really notices the colour of teeth, because he doesn’t think that his are white, whereas I never notice. I notice people with slightly goofy teeth like Christine Bleakley, because they remind me of me and make me cringe a little ;o) Yes, I think that there would be obsession, plus some people don’t like being noticed, plus it would be difficult to be ‘seen’ or noticed for anything else.

  2. mmm really good timing for this one Lisa, I am obsessing about my non perfect teeth at the moment and considering having them done, funny thing is when i ask people their opinion on my teeth they are telling me that the gap in the middle is cute or attractive or gives me charachter or whatever, all comments much more positive an interesting than how i perceive this imperfection!
    I guess we al look at ourselves wth much more critical eyes than the outside world do.
    Whats the drawback to beauty and perfection on outside…total chaos on inside perhaps? obsessing about weight/image/others opinion of you (think of vic beckham, katie price etc).
    You are a beautiful goddess to me in any case!
    Thanks for artcile xx

    1. I’ve been having a think about you in particular. I do think that it would go against you, if you were more ‘perfect’, bearing in mind that you are already tall, blonde, very pretty, irish and are those green eyes?. In your healing work, you might be just a little too unapproachable, and in your role as a teacher, people might jump to the wrong conclusions. That’s the problem really, people make HUGE assumptions based on our looks, and they may basically think you are dim if you were more perfect! Plus, there would be people who would hate you for it too – jealousy must really get in the way of daily life. I’d spend the money on a handbag, holiday or workshop if I were you ;o)

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