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When the wind blows your face will stay like that! Ooops!

Curly headed boy was making funny faces, and I couldn’t resist the urge to tell him that if the wind blows, his face will stay like that.

He looked incredulously at me, until I pointed out that people who smile a lot, tend to have smiley faces, and people who are grumpy a lot, tend to have grumpy faces.  I was rather pointedly thinking of some of the Mums with older kids at his school, who drive in and glare at me for having the affront to reverse into a parking space.  Guess what ladies, it’s because I know there is no way in hell you are letting me out later if I’ve got to reverse out.  Oooh and by the way, if you cracked a smile once in a while, you might not have to spend so much in a few years time on botox.  Phew, feel better for getting that one of my chest!

Anyway, back to the point.  Curly Headed Boy suddenly got very excited about this.  ‘So that means that Ganny smiled a lot, and the wind caught her, and now she always looks cheerful?’ (Ganny = Granny).  I won’t mention what he thought big hairy northern hubby must do a lot, but just lets say he might need some botox soon ;o)  Since then he has been repeatedly smiling at the wind, or asking if it’s going to be windy today, bless him.  Here is an example of a Pirate smile for you (today is Pirate Day at school)!

Of course, now I’m writing this I’m thinking that this one is going to come back and bite me soundly in the bottom the next time he tells me to ‘watch out, because the wind might blow’ when I’m telling him off, or asks some poor person whether they got caught by the wind at that’s why they look so grumpy/ugly/something just as embarrassing.  Yep, definitely not one for you to use!

Off to smile at the wind …

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