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Exhaustion Tips: Music is food for the soul

Music, it’s amazing. It can literally give you energy from nowhere.

Knackered in the morning? Turn on glee, Mamma Mia, or any eighties blast from the past (if you’re old like me!)

Need to do the cleaning? Some rock will definitely work.

Feeling sad? Then either really go for it and put on some sad music and enjoy the sadness for a bit. Or bash away the sad with some lively happy music. I quite like a bit of angry music sometimes, like Creed or Linkin park, it can be really therapeutic to have on extremely loud!

Sometimes when we are really exhausted, it’s tricky to sleep and then music will help you again, especially if you use the same music over and over as it will have a placebo effect. Ironically the music on sky’s baby channel seems to work for me and Little Dimples. But I’m also a fan on Jim Harmon for the kids and an old ‘Chilled Ibiza’ CD for me which takes me straight to the top of a house, meditating to a Kenyan Sunset.

Music is a great way for giving yourself energy when you are exhausted. I even have playlists setup, so it doesn’t take any energy to put the music on! So next time you are tired try some music and let me know how it helps.

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2 thoughts on “Exhaustion Tips: Music is food for the soul

  1. Hello honey, hope you are well. Just thought I’d pass on a tip that helps me with my energy levels, as you know being a single mum and working the job i do I need loads!! My tip is a supplement called Co-enzyme Q10 it’s been great for me, you can get it in Holland and Barrett. 🙂

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