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Wow what a seaside find and first trips to sea for little dimples

The kids and I are on a bit of a road trip. We started with a friend of mine who lives in Warminster. As it turns out she lives in the perfect house for the kids as it is an old grange, so really exciting for them, plus with all sorts of fab things like fish, ducks and chickens. The journey down wasn’t fab, so my tips is travel with febreeze, and make sure you hit Warminster/Stonehenge direction BEFORE 3pm on Fridays!

Then we headed off to one of my brothers who lives in Kilmington, and made the most wonderful discovery on Sunday afternoon. We took little Dimples to a little seaside town called Seaton; oh my what a find! Beautiful sea, some people even brave enough to go in. A little bit of sand, but mainly pebbles. At least 50m all around us before the next people, and no smell of chips! It might not be really modern, or sandy, or have fun fairs or donkeys. But it had sea, the sound of the waves, the smell of the salt, ice creams, a few friendly cafes and PARKING!

We went back yesterday and both Curly Headed Boy (5) and Little Dimples (1) put on their swimming costumes and paddled in the sea. Kids clearly have a different temperature requirement, because it was freezing, but they seemed not to notice! Remember your flip flops or crocs, because pebbles aren’t comfortable to walk on.

We then had lunch and a walk to see the boats while Little Dimples slept. One of the funny and rather nice things about Seaton was the mixture of people which was refreshing and unusual. The cars ranged from Range Rovers/Lexus to family estates, to VW camper vans (something I’ve always had a hankering for!), to cars that have seen better days. So there were the trendy sea kayakers (I don’t recommend sea kayaking, I was pretty good at a normal canoe, but the sea is a whole different kettle of fish because the tide can mean you move nowhere at all!), the new agers, the posh folks, the families, lots of people visiting grand parents, and a few heavily tattooed people and a couple of groups of teenagers. There are also a number of beach huts, were a considerable amount of Rose wine seemed to be being drunk by some incredibly brown pensioners. It made for a great atmosphere to have such a mixture of people and is another reason I liked it so much. Little Dimples was I her element waving at everyone, and Curly Headed Boy actually got tired out for once.

So if you are looking for somewhere to pop to by the sea but without hordes of people the I can definitely recommend Seaton. Let me know if you do go.

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