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Video Wed: Facebook Webinar Details and To Remind You How Beautiful You Are

Jump up and down, jump up and down today is the day of my first ever Live facebook webinar!  (Forgive me, I’m a geek at heart!).

Please come, just so that I’m not alone, talking into the ether!  It’s at 7pm on my facebook fan page.  Come a couple of minutes early and read the instructions below.

I’m running this webinar, because although I think my weekly weight loss tips are great, I know that unless you actually get your heads in the game it won’t work for you.  So I’m going to talk you through the most important bit and then open the floor up to questions for as long as you ask them.

So here are the instructions ..

  1. Go to my fan page
  2. Like my page if you haven’t already (Ok so that isn’t really necessary, but I’m very likeable honest!)
  3. On the right hand side click on ‘LiveStream’
  4. Click on <play to watch> on the video player that is now in the middle of your screen
  5. Watch the 30-60 second advert (sorry, it’s a free webinar and I can’t afford the posh version, but it’s probably just Budweiser or BT, so not too horrid).
  6. Click on the red button [check in and chat] so that you can see what I type, add comments and ask questions (skip the ‘invite other people’ box).

Now watch this video, cliched it maybe, but it’s good to remember we are all beautiful!

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