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How to read a Kindle book if you don’t have a Kindle

Obviously Amazon wants to sell Kindles, so although it makes it possible and it does explain how to read a Kindle book elsewhere, it is NOT really obvious.

You can read a Kindle book on a ..

  • Computer
  • Phone
  • iPad
  • Mobile Device

So here is a step by step description on how to buy my Kindle book on Amazon, but read it elsewhere.

Go to Amazon and search for ‘Mummy Whisperer’ (American fans, apologies you will have to stick to ‘Mummy’ until 2012, when I’m going to make you a special ‘Mommy Whisperer’ version).

On the right hand side of the screen it will look like this ..

The [Buy Now] button might be different, depending on how your Amazon account is set up.

See underneath it a drop down list saying ‘Deliver to’ … that will be a list of options, like your computer, phone of iPad.

But not until you have downloaded the Free Kindle app or software!

So first you need to look lower …

lower …

lower …

lower …

Here you go click on [Kindle Reading Apps] and download it for your computer.

Or go to the app store for your phone or iPad and download it from there.

Now go back up and click on the drop down list and ask it to Deliver the book to your computer/phone/iPad.

Heh Presto, you now have at your finger tips a world of cheap books!  You will find that some are free.  Some are cheap like mine at 99p.  Although 2nd and 3rd books by an author are normally more.  The idea being you get to try with hardly any risk, and then when you know it will be worth it, you are willing to pay the grand sum of £2.99 or even shock horror £4.99!

Some are not cheap.  Why is that?  Because only self-publishers like myself go for the lower prices, the publishers are trying to stick to the higher prices.

By the way, remember my book title is ‘The Mummy Whisperer’s Six Steps To A Sparkling You And Enjoying Being A Mum’!  There’s more info here.

BTW, yes I have a Kindle, yes I have the apps as well, yes I love them.

** No one has paid me to write this post, but if Amazon would like to I’m down with that!

9 thoughts on “How to read a Kindle book if you don’t have a Kindle

  1. I had a Kindle once. Then I got an iPad and downloaded Kindle for iPad. My younger son decided I couldn’t possibly need my kindle anymore and decided his need was greater than mine. Still, if it encourages him to read, that’s fine with me!

  2. LoL – I can’t get my kindle out because my 2yo daughter pinches it to pretend she is ‘working’!
    The Kindle app on the iPad is brilliant – and in COLOUR – yay!

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