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Please Buy My Book And Tell The Whole World About It!


The Mummy Whisperer’s Six Steps To A Sparkling You And Enjoying Being A Mum’

I’m not going to be shy about this, I’m going to say ‘PLEASE BUY MY BOOK!’ and ‘PLEASE TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW ABOUT IT!!!’

Why on earth should you?

Well, because it’s a fab little book packed with a big punch.  I’ve had 35 Mums (and a couple of grans) testing it for months, and ironically it’s made the most difference in their lives than any of my programs, despite being the simplest.  It’s like a ‘pick me up’ in a book.  Simple is beautiful after all!

Plus it’s only 99p!

Yes, you might not have a Kindle, but I bet you have a computer/mobile device/iPhone/Ipad that you can read it on!

<<Click here to find out how to read a Kindle book without a Kindle!>>

Plus, it’s not like the normal book written by a coach to give them credibility.  This is a book in series of books sitting in my head, that I’m going to write in order to help change Mums lives and change the way society views Mums.  It’s about bringing back common sense, listening to a mother’s intuition, the mother being the heart of the family, and Mums being important in this world.  Parenting techniques and guru’s have their place.  But not before the chance to help the Mum feel confident enough in herself to understand her own unique family set up.

But to be successful I need to hit a best sellers list.  That’s the facts.  To do that I need sales.  And Likes.  And Reviews.

Watch this video to get a flavour of the book:

What will you get from it?   

A way to deal with life when you feel stressed and overwhelmed, without having to actually change your kids, partner, work, house or financial situation.  A path back from the grey mundaneness of motherhood.

  • More Contentment
  • More Time
  • More Energy
  • More Space
  • More Money
  • More Sparkle
  • (And a free chapter on how to get healthy, fit and slimmer if you fancy it)

Want more info? See this description (or my side bar).

Here’s what a few of my readers have said about it … <click here for more>

  • Nickie O’Hara: it’s just the thing I could have done with when my kids were a lot younger.
  • Muddling Along Mummy: incredibly I’ve flipped myself out of a bad patch and into a good patch … Simple but effective.
  • Helen Redding: Easy to do and instills a sense of perspective.
Or BUY IT, like and review it on Amazon here.  THANK YOU!!!!
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7 thoughts on “Please Buy My Book And Tell The Whole World About It!

  1. Congratulations Lisa. This achievement will help to make your wonderful offerings more visible and more accessible for all those Moms who can use more sparkle, and who can’t. 🙂 I think there is a lot of useful information for women who aren’t even a Mom, like your section on de-cluttering your life for instance.
    My husband plans to buy a kindle for me for Christmas but I don’t have one yet. You can be sure that I will add your book to my library as soon as I possibly can. Having seen a book preview, I can’t wait to use your insightful tips. 🙂

  2. Thanks Janis – and for your comments on Facebook too! Wish Amazon would make it clearer to people that you can read a Kindle book on a computer, phone or iPad as well!

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