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What would happen if Aliens did land next week?

The aliens are coming!

Well, not definitely, but did you see that someone analysing the feed from NASA reckons they’ve found a HUGE space ship near Mercury?

It could of course be a trick of the light.  But what if it where true?

A little part of me got all excited; after all life is a bit tricky for everyone right now, it would certainly take our minds off our money worries etc (if you’ve just been made redundant or are worried it might happen, check out my series of blog posts).

We get our knickers in such a twist about the fact that everyone has totally different values, morals and ethics around the world.  Can you imagine the difference when there’s a different planet involved?

They could be totally self-sufficient, and have learnt to live without eating or drinking.  Or they might eat their own toe nails, or worse ….!

Some religions would be up the spout.

What about the first alien-human marriage; how long before that was allowed legally?  Mind you, I find it difficult enough married to a hairy northerner (being a sunny Bristolian at heart), can you imagine the culture clash in that?

I reckon that racism etc would reduce, those people could all focus on anyone not human.

What if they looked so like us, that you couldn’t tell who was alien or not.  Wow the paranoia!

I bet if they did land that next Christmas the ‘must have toy’ would be an alien; that’s one thing I’m sure of!

I thought you might like something different to think about; what do you reckon about Aliens landing next week?

9 thoughts on “What would happen if Aliens did land next week?

  1. I haven’t heard that news story but am EXCITED!! Many years ago, I read a book that theorised that aliens were involved in the building of Ancient Egypt and all the hieroglyphs that spoke about the gods were actually aliens. There was lots more in it but I recall it making a big impact on me, as the arguments were sound and made a lot of sense.

  2. Oh no! Invasion of the clones! I think they would purge our planet of anything useful and then bog off back home with a few of us for experimentation purposes, so best not to think too hard!

    1. Yep, that would be the more worrying version of an alien encounter. Even worse is if we look like tasty snacks to them – *shudder*!

  3. Now if you lived in my house, you’d know this is a real possibility! My husband and grown son are very much into this stuff. They talk about it all the time and research a lot of information. It is not as unusual as most people might think!

    Love your blog! I just found you on Twitter.

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