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15 Top Tips: Oh No It’s Christmas, how do I stop gaining loads of weight!

Weight Loss Tips For Mums

It’s Christmas!

But don’t panic about your weight!

For a start, if you gain a few pounds, you can easily shed them quickly afterwards, so it’s really not worth stressing about.  (so if that’s all you needed to hear, you are welcome to pop off and have an egg nog now!).

But lets say there is a special reason why you would like to continue to lose weight over Christmas, or at least not put on weight. How are you going to do it?


Here Are Fifteen Top Tips For Not Putting On Weight At Christmas:


Christmas dinner really isn’t that bad for you, I remember one year I actually lost weight over Christmas.  Just follow the basic rules that I talk about in what to eat for example:

  1. Use a small plate; you can always fill up if you want some more later
  2. Balance your plate: 1 portion (size of your palm) of protein i.e. Turkey, 1 portion of potatoes/stuffing, and half a plate of veg and sprouts.
  3. Dessert: Just have one, not three!
  4. Mince Pies: are a must but not needed straight after dinner, and you don’t need a whole pack.
  5. Christmas Cake: Don’t have a piece the size of a large boot
  6. Crisps: Balance with healthy dips like humous or guacamole and carrots, cucumber, cauliflower and broccoli
  7. Make the most of the cake, pies and crisps; they can probably be a meal in themselves, so if you plan them at the right time, you might not need much else if you’ve had a massive meal that day.  Add nuts to balance the sugar in the cake, some seedless clementines, or some cheese and biscuits (with a glass of port of course!).


  1. Put Food Away: My problem with alcohol is not the calories in the alcohol, but that I’m a nibbler drinker; i.e. I stuff my face when I drink and lose all sense of discernment about what I’m going to eat!  So put those nibbles/crisps etc away after an hour!
  2. Use Mixers: Hang overs are the worst, so add fizzy water to your wine (or lemonade), or drink water in between each drink.
  3. Have ‘dry days’: Have days off from drinking during the Christmas holiday, plan them now!
  4. Be prepared: Get some sports drinks or Resolve in for the next day (heh, I’m all about responsible drinking, but it’s a big likelihood that you’ll have a hangover at some point, especially if you’re a weakling like me when it comes to alcohol).


  1. Sort out your diary and ‘book in’ your exercise, so that you definitely can fit it in.
  2. Think ‘out of the box’ to get your exercise done; maybe you can try something else that fits in more easily, like playing on the Wii/Xbox, or a family swim, or a bike ride with the kids
  3. Everyone loves a walk when it’s cold outside and we’re full of Christmas dinner; get out for a 15 min walk each day, run after the kids on their new bikes or scooters, play football with the new ball.
  4. One day of slobbing is fine, just don’t do it for a fortnight!

Most of all, have a fabulous time, use your common sense and don’t freak out about it!

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  1. I like the part about booking in in your exercise. Investors always say to pay yourself first. I believe it is the same with exercise. I always tell people to consider the time exercising as a fitness holiday from the rest of the stresses of the day.

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